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Three methods of maintenance organization maintenance circuit board processing

by:A-TECH      2020-05-28
Nowadays circuit board made of control system is expensive, so in the event of a failure, the vast majority of enterprises and individuals will choose a way to solve the problem that the maintenance, which has many reliable circuit board processing and maintenance of institutions, they work in the maintenance of circuit board for many years and have mastered some concrete methods and techniques, in order to share the techniques of circuit board processing and maintenance, the following professional circuit board processing and maintenance institutions to introduce the maintenance of the three methods. Circuit board processing and maintenance of the three methods, observation after receiving circuit board processing together need to inspect the appearance, if severe wear and burned appearance, so you can have a current test circuit board would be able to meet the electricity again. Economical circuit board processing and maintenance institutions will first check to see if the circuit board processing with a trace of the man-made damage, to be able to help the follow-up maintenance. Second, the static measurement if get the circuit board processing original appearance is no physical deformation may be internal problems, professional circuit board processing and inspection agencies will use multimeter, the internal components of an orderly measurement, short circuit, and other problems to see if the circuit board. Need attention in the link of this is to ensure that the power supply is normal, avoid to the secondary circuit board burn. Three, method of on-line detection by on-line measurement method is generally batch production circuit board manufacturers, online measurement method can effectively detect circuit board processing problems to the locking problems between the original. For mass production circuit board processing factories, in this way can greatly save time and efficient to determine whether a chip quality and line fault occurs. Nowadays professional circuit board processing and maintenance organization through observation method, the static measurement method and on-line measurement method of the three ways to test the circuit board, according to the appearance of the state of the circuit and the testing together, so as to efficiently solve the failure problems of circuit board processing, the above is the small make up to circuit board processing maintenance organizations often use three maintenance way, hope to understand the circuit board processing and maintenance have certain help.
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