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How to calculate PCB assembly cost


How should the price of PCB assembly be calculated?

To discuss the PCB assembly price and how to calculate the SMT processing price, we must first fully understand what is smt, understand the SMT process, and the price discussion after the equipment is easier to understand.


1. What is SMT?


SMT is the abbreviation of Surface Mount Technology (Surface Mount Technology), which is called surface mount or surface mount technology. It is currently the most commonly used technology and process in the electronic product assembly industry.

It is a type of surface-mounted components with no leads or short leads (abbreviated as SMC / SMD, referred to as chip components in Chinese) mounted on the surface of a printed circuit board (PCB) or other substrate. A circuit assembly technology assembled by reflow soldering and heating soldering methods.


2. SMT process material requirements?

Printed circuit boards

Materials Components



3. What equipment does SMT need to complete the process assembly?


Three main production equipments are printing machine, placement machine and reflow soldering.

In the actual production process, there are many testing equipment, SPI, AOI, etc.


4. What technology does Smt need?


A set of process flow for surface assembly, problem point control.

Device programming techniques for device usage

Quality process of quality control


5. What kind of production environment does Smt need?


Workshop anti-static treatment, temperature and humidity control (temperature 25 plus or minus 2 degrees, relative humidity 40% -60%), operator anti-static clothing


6. How to calculate SMT price?


Generally, the BOM list order shall prevail, calculate the quantity and type of materials, and add up according to the formula(consumables such as solder paste in production are not listed separately, and the cost generally includes appearance inspection, packaging, and transportation)


Note: Because SMT's technological process involves more links, many product models will also be adjusted according to specific conditions. 

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