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What is the PCB quality requirements from PCB manufacturer


The quality of the PCB factory is the quality level of the PCB product, which is a collection of quality, reputation, responsibility and culture. PCB factory requirements usually have the following aspects:


Requirements For PCB Quality

(1) Appearance requirements


PCB manufacturer usually require more stringent appearance requirements. The appearance requires no pollution, inclusions, fingerprints and oxidation on the surface to prevent solderability and insulation from being affected. The color of the solder mask pattern is consistent, without flaking, missing marks or deviations, or oil leakage, so as not to affect the welding. The edge of the board is smooth and free of bumps or burrs to prevent affecting the assembly size and insulation. The wires are uniform, without over-etching, gaps, and residual copper, to prevent affecting the electrical performance. Marking symbols are clear and not readable, so as not to affect assembly and maintenance. No scratches on the surface to avoid affecting the welding assembly and electrical performance. There is no blistering and delamination between conductors or insulation layers, especially multi-layer boards, to avoid affecting the mechanical and electrical properties.


(2) Electrical performance requirements


It is very important to set the appropriate electrical clearance between the conductors of the multilayer circuit board. The appropriate line spacing can prevent flashing and breakdown between the relevant conductors in the work of PCB processing products and can be smooth Pass the audit of relevant product safety standards. In the industrial and safety standards for PCB products of circuit boards, different working voltages, different applications and other factors have different regulations on the electrical clearance and creepage distance between conductors.


(3) Mechanical performance requirements


Before the circuit board is required to be opened, the copper clad board must be baked to ensure that the water vapor volatile resin in the board is completely cured; the operation is strictly in accordance with the latitude and longitude directions in the opening instructions; when laminating and typesetting, the board is processed according to the latitude and longitude of the PCB The direction is opened, and the latitude and longitude directions are distinguished first when typesetting, and then the typesetting is performed according to the distinguished latitude and longitude directions, to ensure that the latitude and longitude directions are consistent, and the cold pressing time is not allowed to be adjusted without permission, and records are made to ensure that the stress in the board is completely released and the resin is completely cured; When the character of the board circuit board is baked at high temperature, it is necessary to adjust the shelf according to the size of the board. When the rack is inserted, the board is not allowed to be bent or twisted. If the size is different, a separate rack is required for baking.


(4) Environmental resistance and other performance requirements


Multilayer circuit boards have environmental resistance, mildew resistance, humidity resistance, cooking resistance, temperature shock resistance and other properties. The formation of PCB Allegro product quality runs through the entire process of product formation, and the quality of PCB version products is related to the entire manufacturing process. Every circuit board factory should pay special attention to quality issues, quality is produced, not tested. Think of yourself as the consumer of the previous process and the next process as your customer. Behind each circuit board is a group of quality assurance personnel who are silently conducting quality inspections. A perfect quality control system is required by every PCB factory. 

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