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What is single sided PCB


Single sided PCB is the most simple products in PCB industry, it has only one copper layer and there is no plated through holes, the components are on one side, conducting traces are on the other side.


With the appearance of electronic transistor, single sided PCB was developed in the early of 1950, which is mainly manufactured in USA. Single-sided PCB was manufactured by copper etching directly at that time. During 1953 to 1955, Japan use imported copper make out paper phenolic aldehyde copper substrate, and apply mainly on radio products. In 1956, single-sided PCB technology was made big progress with the appearance of professional PCB manufacturers from Japan. In the early stage, copper substrate mainly used paper phenolic aldehyde, but because paper phenolic aldehyde with the factors of low electric insulation, bad solder thermal stability, twist issue etc, paper epoxide resin and glass fiber epoxy resin was developed soon after. Currently, paper epoxide resin is widely used in consuming electronic.


Since single sided PCB is one of the most simple PCB in PCB manufacturing, and there is only one side of copper circuit and no any copper plated holes, so the pcb manufacturing processes is shorter than other printed circuit boards and the production cost is also lower, A-TECH manufacture single-sided PCBs wth great volume and very high efficiency and close to zero defect rate, so we're able to control production cost lower and offer customers much more competitive price. 

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