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How to calculate PCB price


How to calculate PCB price? There are several factors to affect PCB price, the details as following,


1. Sheet costs (different sheet costs are different)


2. Drilling cost (the number of holes and the size of the hole affect the drilling cost)


3. Process cost (different process requirements of the board lead to different process difficulties and even different prices)


4. Artificial hydropower plus management costs (this cost depends on the cost control of each plant)


This is the basic composition. As for the prices of raw materials, they have basically stabilized, and the possibility of price increases is unlikely.


As far as the raw material is concerned, the main factors affecting the price are the following:


1. Raw material: FR-4, CEM-3, this is our common double-sided PCB and multi-layer PCB raw material, his price is also related to the thickness of the plate and the thickness of the copper and platinum in the middle of the plate, and FR-I, CEM-1 It is our common single sided PCB board material, and the price of this material is also much different from that of the double-sided and multi-layer PCB boards above.


2. It is the thickness of the board. The thickness of the board is 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.5, 1.6, 2.0, 2.4, 3.0, 3.4mm, and the thickness and price of our conventional boards are not very different.


3. The thickness of copper and platinum will affect the price. The thickness of copper and platinum is generally divided into: 18 (2 / 1OZ), 35 (1OZ) 70 (2OZ), 105 (3OZ), 140 (4OZ) and so on.


4. Suppliers of raw materials, common and commonly used by everyone: Shengyi, KingBoard, GDM, etc.


Process cost:


1. It depends on the circuit on the PCB, if the line density is thin (below 4 / 4mm), the price will be calculated separately.


2. There is also a BGA on the board, so the cost will rise relatively. In some cases, how much is the BGA.


3. Depending on the surface treatment process, we commonly have: spraying lead tin (hot air leveling), OSP (environmental protection board), spraying pure tin, tin, silver, gold, etc. Of course, the surface technology is different, The price will also be different. ­


4. It also depends on the process standard; what we commonly use is: IPC2 level, but some customers have higher requirements, (such as Japanese capital), we commonly have: IPC2, IPC3, enterprise standard, military standard, etc. Of course, the higher the standard , The price will be higher. ­


Every PCB sold in the PCB industry is customized by the customer. Therefore, the quotation of the PCB board needs to be costed first, and it also needs to refer to the PCB computer automatic imposition calculation to make the material utilization rate of typesetting on the standard-sized copper clad board Comprehensive quotation.


The cost calculation of the PCB industry is the most special and complicated in all industries. From cutting, pressing, forming, to FQC, packaging, and finished storage, it needs to be based on the material cost, labor cost, and manufacturing cost of each process. Perform step-by-step accounting and accumulate costs in batches based on the order product number.


And for different types of products, the standard rate of the process will be different. For some products such as blind buried hole plates, gold sink plates, and pressed copper base plates, due to their process or the particularity of all materials, some special calculation methods must be adopted for this. Similarly, the size of the drill used in the drilling process will also affect the cost of the product, which directly affects the calculation and evaluation of WIP cost and scrap cost. ­


In addition, PCB factories are all products of OEM customers. The products customized by different customers are different, and there are few shared products.


On the other hand, due to quality considerations, some customers may also specify the use of a manufacturer's substrate, or ink, etc., to meet their quality and cost control requirements. 

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