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Introduction about PCB SMT technology


What is PCB SMT technology?


SMT technology is surface mount technology (Surfacd Mounting Technolegy referred to as SMT) is a new generation of electronic assembly technology, it will traditional electronic components compressed parts become only a few tenths of the volume, thus achieving high density, high reliability, miniaturization and low cost of electronic product assembly, And the automation of production. This miniaturized component is called: SMY device (or SMC, chip device). Assemble components to print (Or other substrate) the process method is called PCB SMT process. The related assembly equipment is called SMT equipment.


At present, advanced electronic products, especially in computer and communication electronic products, have generally adopted SMT technology. International SMD device The output of components is increasing year by year, while the output of traditional devices is decreasing year by year, so as the process progresses, SMT technology will become more and more popular.

Or: SMT is Surface Mounted Technology (abbreviation of Surface Mounted Technology), which is the most popular technology and process in the PCB electronic assembly industry.


What are the characteristics of SMT:


High PCB assembly density, small electronic products and light weight. The volume and weight of SMD components are only about 1/10 of that of traditional plug-in components. After SMT is generally adopted, the volume of electronic products is reduced by 40% ~ 60% and the weight is reduced by 60% ~ 80%.


High reliability and strong vibration resistance.

The defect rate of solder joints is low.

Good high frequency characteristics.

Reduced electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.

It is easy to realize automation and improve production efficiency.

Reduce costs by 30% ~ 50%. Save materials, energy, equipment, manpower, time, etc. 

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