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What are the main factors for PCB manufacturing?


At present, there are many types of PCB boards, such as high-frequency PCB boards, microwave RF PCB boards and other types of printed circuit boards have already gained a certain popularity in the market. PCB manufacturers have specific processing technology for various board types. But in general, the PCB circuit board processing and production needs to consider three major aspects.

 The Main Factors For Pcb Manufacturing

1. Consider the choice of substrate

The base material of PCB board can be divided into two major categories of organic materials and inorganic materials, each material has its unique advantages. Therefore, the determination of the type of substrate considers various properties such as dielectric properties, copper foil type, base groove thickness, processability characteristics and so on. Among them, the thickness of the surface copper foil is a key factor affecting the performance of this printed circuit board. In general, the thinner the thickness, the better the convenience of etching and the improvement of the precision of the pattern.


2. Consider the setting of the production environment

The environment of the PCB circuit board manufacturing workshop is also a very important aspect, and the adjustment of the environmental temperature and environmental humidity are crucial factors. If the ambient temperature changes too much, it may cause the drilling of the substrate to break. If the ambient humidity is too high, nuclear energy has an adverse effect on the performance of the highly absorbent substrate, specifically in terms of dielectric properties. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain proper environmental conditions during PCB board processing and production.


3. Consider the choice of process

The production of PCB is easily affected by many factors, and the technological processes such as the number of processing layers, the punching process, and the surface coating treatment will affect the quality of the finished PCB board. Therefore, for these process flow environments, PCB circuit board processing is fully considered in combination with the characteristics of the manufacturing equipment, and can be flexibly adjusted according to the different types of PCB boards and processing requirements.


In summary, the PCB circuit board needs to consider the choice of base material, the setting of the production environment, and the choice of process flow when processing the PCB circuit board. At the same time, the processing and cutting methods of PCB board engineering materials are also an aspect that needs to be carefully chosen, which is closely related to the smoothness of the finished printed circuit board. 

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