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PCB Assembly Capability

The PCB assembly process is a combination of the SMT(Surface Mounting Technology) process and the DIP(Dual In-line Package) process. According to the requirements of different production technologies, it can be divided into a single-sided SMT placement process, a single-sided DIP insertion process, a single-sided mixed process, single-sided placement and insertion Mixed process, double-sided SMT mounting process and double-sided mixed process, etc. The PCBA process involves board cutting, printing, patching, reflow soldering, plug-in, wave soldering, testing and quality inspection. 

NoItemTechnical data
1Assembly TypesSurface mount
Mixed technology(SMT & Thru-hole)
Single or double sided placement
Conformal coating
2Solder TypesLead-free - RoHS
3Parts ProcurementFull Turnkey
Partial turnkey
4PCB board typesRigid PCB
Flexible PCB
Rigid-flex PCB
Metal core PCB
5Component typesSMT 0201 or larger
BGA 0.35mm pitch, POP(package on Package) 
WLCSP 0.35mm pitch
Hard metric connectors
Cable & Wire
6SMT Parts PresentationBulk
Cut tape
Partial reel
7Type of solderingReflow soldering
Wave soldering
Hand soldering
8Testing & InspectionVisual Inspection
AOI(Automated Optical Inspection)
X-Ray Inspection
Function Testing
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