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How to calculate the price of PCB prototype


PCB prototype charges are generally based on engineering fee + pcb board fee + e-test fee + film fee.


Generally, there is no e-test fee for PCB prototype. Film fees depend on the PCB factory's process. Some factories do positive film technology and do not charge film fees. Some negative film factories charge film fees.


The PCB prototype panelization fee is charged for extra cost when the board has panelization with different boards. Generally customers self-panelised, the same board does not charge the panelization fee, and the different boards are put together to charge the panelization fee. The specific charge depends on the specific situation of the PCB prototype factory).


PCB prototype small board fee refers to the difficulty fee charged when the board is relatively small, and both sides are less than 0.5-4 * 0.5-4cm. The board is smaller and the V-cut difficulty coefficient becomes larger. The factory scrap rate is higher. So the additional fees is charged.


Now PCB prototyping factories can place orders online, or calculate the fees before placing orders. Go to its website when you are ready to make a board. You can calculate the PCB price first, fill in the options for making the PCB board as required, and finally calculate the price. The charge standard for PCB proto varies from factory to factory. And PCB prototyping is higher than the normal board price. 

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