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The difference between Rigid PCB and Flex PCB


The difference between flexible printed circuit board and rigid printed circuit board:


Both rigid circuit boards and flexible circuit boards have similarities and differences before. For the flexible circuit board, the application of the rigid circuit board is more extensive. Because the rigid circuit board appeared earlier, most of the design elements of the rigid circuit board have been applied to the design of the flexible circuit board. What is the difference between flexible circuit boards?


1. Current-carrying capacity of the wire: Compared with the rigid circuit board, the heat dissipation performance of the flexible circuit board is relatively poor, so it must provide sufficient wire width. Due to the consideration of the heat dissipation of the flexible circuit board, it is necessary to give the wire extra width or spacing.


2. Shape: In general, the rectangle will be selected, which can save the substrate very well, and there should be enough free margin near the edge. If the inner corner is sharp, it may cause the plate to tear. Therefore, the smaller wire width and spacing should be minimized as much as possible, and the transition must be as smooth as possible. Sharp corners will naturally concentrate the stress and cause wire failure.


3. Flexibility: The flexibility of the rigid circuit board is certainly not as good as that of the flexible circuit board. For a large number of bending cycles, the flexible circuit board has better performance. 

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