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Orders & Quotes Related


1.What information is required for a PCB quote?
A: Please use Gerber data, PCB fabrication notes and array drawing data when you request a quote. This will give you an accurate quote in a short period of time.

2.How long is my quote valid?
A: Your quote is valid for 30 days from the date you receive it via email. If you want to confirm the quote is still valid after the expiry date, please contact your sales representative.

3.What inspection reports are produced to document that items produced comply with customer specifications?
A: We’ll ship Cross Section, Solderability Test Samples, Impedance Test Coupons(if have) and CoC(Certificate of Quality Compliance) report together with PCB boards.

4.Do you check my artwork?
A: Yes, We check your artwork based on Gerber files or AutoCAD files. We could provide some suggestions to you with free of charge if you need, on our design rules such as increasing clearance, trace width or pad size to decrease cost or make your ordered boards within our manufacturing capability. But it is still up to you to make decisions.

5.  What format files can you read?
A: We prefer to receive gerber files with RS-274-X format or DWG/DXF files, but if you can not output in these formats, please send your design data and our engineers will deal with them.

6.  What do you do with my Set-up & E-Test cost?
A: The Set-up charge is used for our preparation of tooling and film process. The E-Test cost is used for flying probe test or our preparation of E-Test fixtures, the Set-up and E-Test fixture cost is only charged one time, it means that you will not need to pay them for repeat orders of the same PCB layout files.

7.How do you send the quote to me upon submit of my online quote request?
A: You will receive the quote instantly via your email address, so please make sure that you left a correct and valid email address.

8.How do you ship the boards, what carier do you use?
A: Normally our shipment terms based on DDU by using DHL, FedEx, UPS and TNT. We also do other shipment terms which required by customers, such as FOB (Hong Kong) or EXW with customers’ forwarders.

9.What options of PCB assembly service do you offer?
A: We can do Kitted or Consigned(customers supply parts), Partial(customers supply some parts and we do the rest), and Full Turnkey assembly(We supply parts).

10.Do you provide lead-free PCB Assembly?
A: Yes

11.What types of assembly do you offer?
A: We can offer Surface mount, Thru-hole and Mixed technology (SMT & Thru-hole).

12.How quickly do you respond to a PCB quote request?
A: Normally we will respond to a PCB quote request in 2 hours during our working time, however, complex PCBs may need more time for an accurate quote. In this time, we will assess your data and specification for manufacturing suitability and evaluate the availability of non-standard materials.

13.What lead times can you offer?
A: We have quick turn services for PCB prototype, for detailed lead time please refer to Quick turn PCB prototype, and the lead time for small to high volume production please refer to PCB Production Lead Time
,Most orders with small up to middle volume PCBs could be delivered 8 to 15 working days, depending on your requirements and the complexity of the order and volume ordered.

14.What can I do if I receive unsatisfied PCB?
A: Please refer to following steps if you receive unsatisfied PCB
 1.Contact us about the defect within one week upon receiving the parts
 2.Send a digital photo and description of the defect.
 3.Our QA engineer will review your request and if the parts are non-conforming per customer specifications or acceptance standard of IPC-A-600 Class2, we’ll process your request.
 4.Upon your approval, we’ll address the problem and re-run your order based on the original order request. There will be no additional charge.
 5.If you request for a refund, we will refund 100% of your order amount, not including shipping cost.

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