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The important notes for flexible circuit board assembly


In recent years, flexible circuit boards (FPC) have become one of the fastest growing sub-sectors in the printed circuit board industry. What issues should be paid attention to when doing flexible PCB assembly?


In the layout, when the board size is too large, although the welding is easier to control, the printed lines are long, the impedance is increased, the noise resistance is reduced, and the cost is increased; when the temperature is too small, the heat dissipation is lowered, the welding is difficult to control, and adjacent lines are prone to occur. Mutual interference, such as electromagnetic interference on the board.


Therefore, the PCB board design must be optimized:


1、Shorten wiring between high frequency components and reduce EMI interference

2、Heavy-weight (eg over 20g) components should be fixed with brackets and then soldered

3、The heating element should consider the heat dissipation problem, prevent the surface of the component from having a large defect and rework, and the heat sensitive component should be away from the heat source.

4、The arrangement of the components is as parallel as possible, so that it is not only beautiful but also easy to solder, and should be mass-produced. The board is designed to be a 4:3 rectangle optimal. Do not mutate the wire width to avoid discontinuity of the wiring. When the Print circuit board is heated for a long time, the copper foil is prone to expansion and fall off. Therefore, large-area copper foil should be avoided.











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