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PCB Assembly service

PCB Assembly Service

In order to meet continuously growing demands from our customers and worldwide market, A-TECH started to set up assembly lines in 2013 to provide one stop services from PCB manufacturing, components sourcing to assembly production.


The PCB Assembly Services we can offer

Multiple PCB Assembly Service:

◆ Full Turnkey PCB Assembly

◆ Partial Turnkey PCB Assembly

◆ Consigned PCB Assembly

Flexible Volume Assembly:

◆ Prototype PCB Assembly

◆ Small Volume PCB Assembly

◆ Medium Volume PCB Assembly

Different Assembly Technology:

◆ Surface Mount Technology(SMT)

◆ Through Hole Technology(THT)

◆ Mixed Technology(SMT & THT)

◆ Single or Double Sided Placement

◆ Conformal Coating

Various Testing & Inspection Services:

◆ Visual Inspection

◆ Automated Optical Inspection(AOI)

◆ X-Ray Inspection

◆ In-Circuit-Test(ICT)

◆ Function Test

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