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The difference between prepreg(PP) and core


Prepreg (PP) is a sheet of insulating material for PCBs. Before being laminated, and is mainly used as a bonding material and insulating material for the inner conductive pattern of a multilayer printed circuit board. After the Prepreg is laminated, the semi-cured epoxy is squeezed out, begins to flow and solidifies, bonds the multilayer PCB boards together and forms a reliable insulator.

Core is the basic material for making printed circuit boards. Core has a certain hardness and thickness, and double side with copper. Therefore, the multi-layer PCB is actually a combination of Core and Prepreg. The difference between the two: 1, Prepreg is a material in the PCB, the former material is semi-solid, similar to cardboard, the latter is hard, similar to copper; 2, Prepreg is similar to adhesive + insulator; and Core is the basic material, two are completely different functions; 3, Prepreg can be curled and Core can not bend; 4, Prepreg is not conductive, and Core has copper layer on both sides, which is the conductive medium of printed circuit board.

There are different types of prepreg for selection in PCB manufacturing, the follow types are used widely in multilayer PCB fabrication, like 106, 1080, 2116, 7628 etc. For cores, there are also several different total thickness and different copper thickness can be selected.

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