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What is double sided PCB


Double-sided PCB is the most popular PCB in PCB industry, and it has the largest proportion in the worldwide market, it's widely used on different industry include consumer electronic, communication, Automotive, computer related etc.


There are two sides of copper layer for double sided layer and it's connected by plated through holes(PTH), the double sided “PTH” (plated through holes) PCB is the universal workhorse of the electronics industry. With increasing complexity and density of components many PCB’s need to use both sides of the Printed Circuit Board. This is more usually supplemented with plated-through-holes where the copper connections go right through the connecting holes to the opposite side of the board. These PTH Connections either form simple electrical connection between both sides of the PCB (Via Holes), or electrical connectivity and mechanical support for leaded components. This makes the double sided PTH PCB a much more physically robust item.


A-TECH as a leading PCB manufacturer in China, we manufactured double-sided PCB mainly with kingboard 6160 material, from normal TG130-140, middle TG150 to high TG with TG170, it meets UL, ISO and RoHS certificate. Double-sided PCB is one of the major products in A-TECH with great advantage on price and quality, the monthly output can be 15000 square meters. 

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