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PCB Manufacturing Process


PCB Facility Tour / Multilayer PCB Manufacturing Process

At A-TECH CIRCUITS we recognize the importance of investing the state of the art automation equipments and keeping abreast of the new PCB manufacturing technology to provide our customers with high quality printed circuit boards and exceed customers’ expectation.

All of our manufacturing equipments is selected to provide high quality processing with efficient throughput and minimal changeover times, so that we’re able to achieve very low costs and extremely high yield rated output. Driven by our desire to increase efficiency and maintain product quality we are committed to continuing to invest in our manufacturing facilities to ensure that we remain our competiveness in the worldwide market. Currently we have complete manufacturing process for multilayer PCBs in house with an impressive range of PCB manufacturing equipments as introduced below in our plant.

Engineering & Artwork generation

China PCB Manufacturing And Assembly

CAM engineer stage is the first step in the PCB manufacturing of a new printed circuit board, the main function of this process is to change original gerber files to working gerbers which can comply with manufacturing facilities. The next stage is the generation of production PCB artwork.

A-TECH mainly use the advanced CAM software of GENESIS 2000, this tool permits a detailed ”Design Rule Check” which can often catch problems before they are manufactured.

Sheets Cutting

This process is to cut original copper clad laminates into several working panel size with the most ideal utilization rate after calculation.

Inner layer pre-treatment

Multilayer PCB begins its inner core production with a chemical pre-clean which removes any residual matter and oxidation. Panels are fed directly into the clean room environment where a dry or wet film resist is applied and queued for exposure. This streamlined process minimizes costly handling and related defects.

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