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The selection of FR4 laminate material


There are many brands of FR4 material in the market, some brands are popular and used widely, customers can select the suitable FR4 material by themself.


1: FR-4, ranking of sheet manufacturers, Shengyi, ITEQ, Taiwan Nanya, TUC, Kingboard, Huazheng, Hezheng, GDM etc, sheet grade FR-4 Class A (A1, A2, A3, A4) Class B, (AB1, AB2, AB3)

Good CCL do not have AB grades, only codes, and ordinary CCL are graded. For example, GDM, Hezheng, Huazheng, and Longtai have AB distinction.


Price: In addition to the top 3, Shengyi, IEEQ, Taiwan Nanya, the prices of other FR4 are not much different, all are between a few USD, KingBoard is similar to Huazheng, followed by Hezheng, the next is The price of GDM and Longtai are similar.


2: Nanya is good, mainly divided into that place: 1 Taiwan Nanya, 2 Kunshan Nanya, Kunshan Nanya is not as good as Kingboard:


3: The worst FR4 of 94HB, not including 94V0, you can ignite the material with a lighter, all the plug holes are all die punching, not mechanical drilling, copper foil is 18UM


4: The military products are A-class, that is, the real military products of A1, A2 is also barely, A3 is flawed, A4 is the same as A3, that is, the copper foil on the surface of a laminate is 18UM, and one is 15UM. With this difference, next level B, AB1, AB2.


What kind of laminate is also related to your product. Some high-end products need to use good laminate, and some low-end products don't need such good laminate. 

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