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Our rigid PCB products cover 1-30 layers and are widely used in industrial control, power supply, national defense, medical, automotive, security, computer and other fields. The main rigid printed circuit board product types include single-sided PCB, double-sided PCB, high-end multilayer PCB, HDI PCB, high-frequency PCB(Rogers PCB, Taconic PCB, Arlon PCB), Hybrid PCB, metal core PCB, rigid-flex PCB etc., and our special PCB technology that can process include thick copper, resin plugged holes, control depth routing, countersink, countersunk, press fit holes, PCB edge plating, blind & buried vias, half plated holes etc. We can also design and develop new processes according to customer product needs. To meet the personalized process and quality requirements of customers' special pcb products. 

Rigid PCB Capability

ProjectSpecificationFactory Assessment
Layers CountMin-Max1–30L
Warp & Twist <=0.75%
Panel SizeMax510*1500MM(1 & 2L)
Material type FR4,Aluminium base,High TG,Halogen-free,PTFE,Ceramic
Double LayerCopper Foil Thickness(0.5 1 2 3 4 5 6)oz
Minimum Core Thickness0.4mm
MultilayerCopper Foil Thickness(InnerLayers)(0.5 1  23 4 5..10)oz
Copper Foil Thickness(OuterLayers)(0.5 1 2 3 4 5 6..12)oz
Minimum Core Thickness0.1mm
Minimum B-stage Thickness2.0mil
Board ThicknessMinimum Board Thickness(Double-Sided)0.4mm
Minimum Board Thickness(MultilayersBoard)0.4mm
Maximum Board Thickness(Double-Sided)3.2mm
Maximum Board Thickness(MultilayersBoard)5.0mm
Artwork—Inner layer(Signal layer)Minimum Line width3mil
Minimum space between circuits3mil
Mechanical Drill(Through-holes)Minimum Via Diameter (After Plating)0.15mm
Through holesMaximum aspect ratio12:1
Electroless Nickel / Immersion GoldMinimum / Maximum Nickel Thickness100-200u"
Minimum / Maximum Gold thickness1-5u"
Immersion Silver (over copper)Minimum / Maximum Silver thickness0.1um-0.5um
HALMinimum / Maximum Solder thickness1um-40um
OSPMinimum / Maximum Coating thickness0.2um-0.6um
Hard gold platedMaximum Gold thickness50u"
Outer Layer ImagingArtwork registration tolerance2mil
Artwork—Outer layerMin line width3mil
Min line spacing3mil
Min BGA PAD0.2mm
DrillingAccuracy of hole position±3mil
Space between hole edge12mil
Line to hole size7mil(<8L); 8mil(>8L)
Min diameter of slot hole size0.45mm
Tolerance of PTH hole size±3mil
Solder MaskMinimum opening path on pad (one side)3mil
Tolerance of exposure registration±2mil
Minimum solder mask Thickness (Above Trace)10um
Solder MaskMinimum width of solder mask bridgeCopper≤1OZ: 5mil
       Copper≥1OZ: 8mil
Color of Solder Maskgreen blue white red black
Legend (Silkscreen)Minimum width of legend0.15mm
Minimum height of legend0.7mm
RoutingMin space between routing edge to copper surface0.25mm
Tolerance of routing slot±0.1mm
V-cutV-cut angle20 30 45 60
Min space between V-cut edge to V-cut edge3mm
Min space between V-cut edge to board edge3mm
Gold FingerBeveling angle30 45 60
Tolerance of beveling depth±0.15mm
Impedance ControlTolerance±10%
Space between probes0.15mm

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