Rigid PCB Capability

ProjectSpecificationFactory Assessment
Layers CountMin-Max1–30L
Warp & Twist <=0.75%
Panel SizeMax510*1500MM(1 & 2L)
Material type FR4,Aluminium base,High TG,Halogen-free,PTFE,Ceramic
Double LayerCopper Foil Thickness(0.5 1 2 3 4 5 6)oz
Minimum Core Thickness0.4mm
MultilayerCopper Foil Thickness(InnerLayers)(0.5 1  23 4 5..10)oz
Copper Foil Thickness(OuterLayers)(0.5 1 2 3 4 5 6..12)oz
Minimum Core Thickness0.1mm
Minimum B-stage Thickness2.0mil
Board ThicknessMinimum Board Thickness(Double-Sided)0.4mm
Minimum Board Thickness(MultilayersBoard)0.4mm
Maximum Board Thickness(Double-Sided)3.2mm
Maximum Board Thickness(MultilayersBoard)5.0mm
Artwork—Inner layer(Signal layer)Minimum Line width3mil
Minimum space between circuits3mil
Mechanical Drill(Through-holes)Minimum Via Diameter (After Plating)0.15mm
Through holesMaximum aspect ratio12:1
Electroless Nickel / Immersion GoldMinimum / Maximum Nickel Thickness100-200u"
Minimum / Maximum Gold thickness1-5u"
Immersion Silver (over copper)Minimum / Maximum Silver thickness0.1um-0.5um
HALMinimum / Maximum Solder thickness1um-40um
OSPMinimum / Maximum Coating thickness0.2um-0.6um
Hard gold platedMaximum Gold thickness50u"
Outer Layer ImagingArtwork registration tolerance2mil
Artwork—Outer layerMin line width3mil
Min line spacing3mil
Min BGA PAD0.2mm
DrillingAccuracy of hole position±3mil
Space between hole edge12mil
Line to hole size7mil(<8L); 8mil(>8L)
Min diameter of slot hole size0.45mm
Tolerance of PTH hole size±3mil
Solder MaskMinimum opening path on pad (one side)3mil
Tolerance of exposure registration±2mil
Minimum solder mask Thickness (Above Trace)10um
Solder MaskMinimum width of solder mask bridgeCopper≤1OZ: 5mil
       Copper≥1OZ: 8mil
Color of Solder Maskgreen blue white red black
Legend (Silkscreen)Minimum width of legend0.15mm
Minimum height of legend0.7mm
RoutingMin space between routing edge to copper surface0.25mm
Tolerance of routing slot±0.1mm
V-cutV-cut angle20 30 45 60
Min space between V-cut edge to V-cut edge3mm
Min space between V-cut edge to board edge3mm
Gold FingerBeveling angle30 45 60
Tolerance of beveling depth±0.15mm
Impedance ControlTolerance±10%
Space between probes0.15mm

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