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A-TECH work with top PCB laminate providers to bring you a wide range of material options, your choice of laminate material will depend on your design and application, the following datasheets of raw material used by A-TECH CIRCUITS, as well as general information, are available for downloading.. Please note that the PCB material listed below may be replaced by technically equivalent or similar materials, according to available stocks on hand in our PCB factory. Please inquire case by case when working with critical tolerances.

Material for Rigid FR4 PCB

BrandData SheetRemarksData
KingBoardKB-6160Standard FR4Data Sheet
KingBoardKB-6165Middle Tg FR4Data Sheet
KingBoardKB-6167FHigh Tg FR4Data Sheet
ShengYiS1000-2Low CTE, High-Tg FR4Data Sheet
ShengYiS1141Standard FR4Data Sheet
ShengYiS1165High-Tg, Halogen Free FR4Data Sheet
ShengYiS1600High CTI FR4Data Sheet
ITEQIT158Middle Tg FR4Data Sheet
ITEQIT180AHigh Tg FR4Data Sheet
BrandData SheetRemarksData
ShengYiFCCL-SF201Single-sided Adhesiveless PIData Sheet
ShengYiFCCL-SF202Double-Sided Adhesiveless PIData Sheet
ShengYiFCCL-SF305Three layers PI with halogen freeData Sheet
ThinflexW-0505EDDouble-sided Adhesiveless PIData Sheet
BrandData SheetRemarksData
ChaoShunChaoshun CCAF-01&04&05Chaoshun metal substrateData Sheet
PloytronicsPTTC TCB productsPloytronics metal substrateData Sheet
TOTKINGTOTKING Metal Base CCLTOTKING metal substrateData Sheet
BrandData SheetRemarksData
RogersRO4000-LaminatesGlass reinforced hydrocarbon/ceramicData Sheet
RogersRO3000-LaminatesCeramic/PTFEData Sheet
TaconicTaconic RF35PTFE Ceramic-GlassData Sheet
TaconicTaconic TLXPTFE-GlassData Sheet
TaconicTaconic TLYPTFE-GlassData Sheet
ArlonArlon MicrowaveMicrowave & RF materialsData Sheet
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