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How to choose a good PCB manufacturer


As we all know, there are many common quality problems of circuit board manufacturing, such as short circuit and open circuit, detached pad, poor soldering, etc., so users prefer to choose those with high production quality when choosing a circuit board manufacturer, so as to save a lot of trouble. So what are the factors that determine the high quality of printed circuit board manufacturers?


1. See its production process capability


Each process in the circuit board manufacturing process must be implemented in accordance with strict production processes, and each process must be equipped with corresponding testing and testing equipment to ensure the stability of the circuit board quality. If the production process capability is not enough, the quality of the final circuit board can also be imagined.


2. Look at the selection of raw materials


Choosing cheap and inferior raw materials is actually an adventure for circuit board manufacturers. It may not only win customers' preference, but also cause huge losses to customers, but its quality is generally not enough. Generally speaking, regular circuit board manufacturers such as Jieke Circuit will use high-quality Jiantao KB or Shengyi S1000-2 or above raw materials, which greatly guarantees the quality of circuit board production from the source and eliminates future problems.


3. Look at its production equipment


Advanced production equipment can promote the efficient and high-quality production of circuit boards, while backward production equipment can only slow down the production process, and even produce products that meet the quality requirements. Therefore, the circuit board manufacturer should ensure the quality of the circuit board from the hardware and increase the investment in the equipment to achieve stable and efficient production.


In a word, users can judge the production quality of circuit board manufacturers from the aspects of production process capability, production equipment and raw material selection. At the same time, under the increasingly fierce market competition, users should not blindly pursue low-cost costs to avoid irreparable losses. 

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