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Introduction about Immersion gold PCB


In the surface treatment of circuit boards, there is a very common process called immersion gold PCB. The immersion gold process is to make the nickel-gold plating with stable color, good brightness, smooth plating and good solderability on the surface of the printed circuit board of the PCB. After adding sunken gold, the PCB shows a golden yellow color. This color is more golden than the gold-plated color. Because the sunken gold is brighter and more beautiful. It also looks very comfortable, and customers will be more satisfied with our products. The characteristics are summarized as follows:


1. The immersion gold PCB is bright in color, good in color and attractive in appearance, which enhances the attraction to customers.


2. The crystal structure formed by immersion gold is easier to weld than other surface treatments, and can have better performance and ensure quality.


3. Because the gold plate only has nickel gold on the pad, it will not affect the signal, because the signal transmission in the skin effect is in the copper layer.


4. Because the gold plate only has nickel gold on the pad, the combination of the solder mask on the circuit and the copper layer is stronger, and it is not easy to cause a micro short circuit.


5. The project will not affect the spacing when making compensation in CAM process, which is convenient for manufacturing.


Most PCB manufacturers will receive complaints from customers because they have not been processed by immersion gold, which results in poor welding. At the same time, it is because immersion gold is softer than gold plating pcb, so immersion gold fingers are not wear-resistant. The flatness and life expectancy of the immersion gold pcb is as good as that of the gold-plated pcb, so most factories currently use the immersion gold process to produce gold PCB. 

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