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The advantages of Aluminium PCB


Aluminum PCB substrate is a new type of heat sink metal plate, which is different from the traditional heat dissipation metal plate. The inherent characteristics of the aluminum substrate can minimize the thermal conductivity, so that more heat can be discharged to the maximum extent Cooling effect. The aluminum substrate is mainly composed of three parts, namely a circuit layer, an insulating layer and a metal layer, and a double panel is used in some high-end aluminum substrate designs. This double panel is hardly used on the traditional radiator metal plate. Because most traditional metal plates use multi-layer boards, the disadvantage of multi-layer PCB boards is that the heat dissipation effect cannot be maximized and cannot meet the user's heat dissipation requirements.


As a new type of thermally conductive metal plate, aluminum substrate has been widely used now. In home computers, car stereos, and our most popular LED lamps, their radiator metal plates are all aluminum substrates. In many fields where the aluminum substrate is used, it must be attributed to its own advantages, so what are the high-quality features of it? It's as following:


The surface of the aluminum PCB substrate uses a special technology-surface mounting. Through this technology, it can maximize the treatment of the heat generated by the product during the heat dissipation process or during the circuit to achieve the best heat dissipation effect .


A major feature of aluminum substrates is that while minimizing the temperature of the product, it can also ensure that the use efficiency of the product will not be reduced, because if it is at the expense of reducing the use efficiency of the product, it will not be worth the loss. In addition, the metal core PCB substrate is to a certain extent. Can prolong the service life of the product.


The volume of the aluminum substrate is small, so its cost price and occupied space are relatively small.


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