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PCB size in PCB design


In the design of PCB prototype process, the familiarity with software is only a tool to control, and as a designer, not only to sensitively control the operation of the software, but more importantly, apply it to practice.


As a result of the application of PCB design in theory, starting from a design perspective, there are two key aspects: on the one hand, the designer ’s understanding of the concept of size in PCB design, which will directly affect the manufacture and use of PCB and components Packaging design, if the size design is not suitable, will affect the welding of components; on the other hand, regarding the size design of the circuit board with a chassis, if the design size is too large or too small, it will affect the circuit board device . Based on the above considerations, the editor gives an introduction to the size design methods touched on packaging design and PCB prototype processing design.


The design of PCB prototype processing size is mainly considered from the perspective of the device. There are two main situations: one is that there is no limitation of the chassis, and the design is stopped according to the given size; the other is to design on the basis of the selected chassis The size of the circuit board. The first of these two situations is easier to complete, and the second requires designers of PCB proofing to stop comprehensive thinking and accurate measurement of the case size. 

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