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Introduction about single-sided and double-sided Flexible PCB


1. Single sided flexible PCB


After the completion of the circuit, the single-sided PI copper-clad material is covered with a protective film to form a flexible circuit board with only a single layer of conductor.


2. Ordinary double sided flexible PCB


After the double-sided PI board copper plate material is used in the double-sided circuit, a protective film is added on both sides to form a circuit board having a double-layer conductor.


3. The substrate generates a single sided flex PCB


In the circuit manufacturing process, a pure copper foil material is used to add a protective film on both sides, which becomes a circuit board which has only a single layer conductor but has conductors exposed on both sides of the circuit board.


4. The substrate generates double sided flex PCB


The two-layer single-sided PI copper-clad board material is pressed in the middle with the adhesive glue which is opened at a specific position, and becomes a double-sided conductor circuit board which is pressed in a partial area and has a partial separation structure in a partial area to reach the layered area. A board with high flexural performance.












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