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The production process and method of the cut PCB board

by:A-TECH      2021-03-27
First of all, we need to know that PCB board cutting refers to the process of obtaining the schematic diagram and board diagram (PCB diagram) based on the original PCB board. It is mainly used for later development. The later development includes a series of operations such as installing components, deep testing, and modifying circuits. Because it does not belong to the category of PCB board cutting, I won't talk about it here. In the process of PCB board cutting, there will be some harmful types of work (sand paper grinding board) and simple repetitive work (tracing lines), and many designers are not willing to engage in this work at all. The designer also thinks that this is not a technical job, and it is done by some newcomers who have just participated in the training. Because of this, PCB board cutting requires some processes and skills. First, let's take a look at the process of PCB board cutting. 1. Remove the components on the original board. 2. Scan the original board to get the graphic file. 3. Grind off the surface layer to obtain the intermediate layer. 4. Scan the middle layer to get the graphic file. 5. Repeat steps 2-4 until all layers are processed. 6. Use special software to convert graphic files into electrical relationship files---PCB diagrams. If you have the right software, the designer only needs to trace the graphics once. 7. Check to complete the design. Then we talk about the skills of PCB board cutting, we have to admit that the cutting of CB board, especially the cutting of multi-layer PCB board, is a very time-consuming and wasteful work. A lot of work is repetitive, which requires We have enough patience and care to ensure that no errors occur. Of course, we can also use appropriate software agents to manually perform repetitive tasks, which can save time and effort. 1. A scanner must be used during the cutting process. Many designers are used to drawing lines directly on PCB design systems such as PROTEL, PADSOR or CAD. This habit is very bad. The scanned graphic file is not only the basis for conversion into PCB file, but also the basis for later inspection. The use of scanners can greatly reduce labor difficulty and intensity. It is no exaggeration to say that if you can make full use of the scanner, even people with no design experience can complete the PCB board cutting work. 2. Single direction grinding plate. Do not use two-way grinding plates for the so-called efficiency, because the two-way grinding plates are very easy to wear and cause other layers to be damaged in different degrees. The outer layer of the PCB board is harder than the inner layer, so the inner layer is easily damaged and cannot be polished. In addition, PCB boards produced by various manufacturers are difficult to accurately polish due to different materials, hardness, and elasticity.
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