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The features of printed circuit boards for medical industry


Medical printed circuit board has the following features:


1) "Safe" and "Reliable": It is the core problem of PCB board in medical industry. Refer to IPC-3 for life support products or high-end products

Standard, non-life support or low-end products refer to IPC-2. Large-scale medical terminals establish their own standardized enterprise standards, and strictly control the reliability of products. So this is very important.


2) Long life cycle: general product warranty time is more than 5 years, large medical equipment requires at least 10 years, and products

The duration of use is long. There are some differences from ordinary pcb.


3) Large level span: from consumer medical products that meet conventional requirements, to high-end and high-end medical products that meet high reliability and high stability requirements, to small portable products that meet high density and integration, and meet intelligence And multifunctional wearable medical products.


4) Conservative products: The application of new medical technologies and new products is slow, and the verification and testing of new products is repeated, which often requires comprehensive evaluation.


5) Traceability: The product requires strict process records and product traceability, and some large medical terminals are required to ensure traceability of PCB processing records for 10 years.


6) The technical treatment of the medical PCB board and the fire rating requirements are different. The common PCB process is different when it comes to tin-spraying and cleaning. Under the premise of adopting technological measures and ensuring quality and safety, it can be carefully used for repair products as appropriate.


7) The demand for general medical PCB is very small, and the process requirements are many, back drilling, multiple lamination, mixed pressure, high precision, special impedance, thick copper, thick gold, embedded copper blocks, etc. The price concern will be very low, which is also different from the ordinary PCB board.


Among all medical PCB boards, FR-4 is the most widely used. For medical PCB design, the choice of FR-4 sheet will vary according to the positioning of its own products and the control of raw material prices. For large hospital institutions, it is necessary to choose reliable medical PCB manufacturers. 

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