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Introduction about PCB assembly machine


1. SMT solder paste printing machine


The solder paste printer is located at the forefront of the SMT production line and is used to print solder paste or patch glue. It will correctly leak solder paste or patch glue onto the pad or corresponding position of the printed board, preparing for the placement of components. The printing machines used for SMT are roughly divided into three types: manual printing machines, semi-automatic printing machines and fully automatic printing machines.


2. SMT placement machine


The placement machine, also known as the placement machine, is located behind the printing machine in the SMT production line. Its function is to take the surface mount components out of the package and accurately install them on the fixed position of the printed circuit board. The placement function and production capacity of the SMT production line mainly depend on the function and speed of the PCB assembly machine.


3. SMT reflow soldering machine


The reflow soldering machine, also called reflow soldering machine, is located behind the placement machine in the PCB assembly process. Its function is to provide a heating environment to melt the solder paste pre-distributed on the pads of the printed board, so that the surface-mounted components and the PCB pads are reliably combined through the solder paste alloy.


4. DIP wave soldering machine


The wave soldering machine is a welding device that utilizes the wave of molten solder circulating to contact the soldering surface of the PCB equipped with components, and realizes group welding when performing relative movement at a certain speed. Mainly used in the traditional through-hole assembly printed circuit board assembly process and the surface assembly and through-hole assembly components mixed assembly process. Compared with manual welding, wave soldering has the advantages of high production efficiency, good welding quality and high reliability.


5. PCBA testing equipment


The function of the inspection equipment is to inspect the assembly quality and soldering quality of the mounted PCB. The equipment used includes magnifying glass, microscope, automatic optical detector (AOI), online tester (ICT), X-RAY detection system, functional tester, etc. According to the needs of inspection, the installation position is behind the corresponding station of the production line. 

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