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The exact explanation for a gold allergy is unknown, but symptoms happen when your immune system becomes delicate to the metal. Being allergic to other types of metallic, in addition to having a family historical past of a nickel or metallic allergy, can make you extra prone to have a gold allergy.

One option for folks looking for a cushty ring it's to go for one with a comfortable design, like this males’sfingerprint wedding band. Despite being stronger and extra sturdy, platinum is a softer steel than 14k gold.

For these wanting the price of a gold ring, with some of the characteristics of platinum, palladium could also be a great different to contemplate. Palladium is naturally white in colour, like platinum, however is less costly than platinum and nearer in worth to 14k gold rings. Because platinum is extra dense than gold, platinum rings will be heavier than gold as properly. Some favor the heavier weight, but some find the lightness of gold rings to be more comfortable.

To be clear, though, a reaction to gold isn’t necessarily as a result of gold itself, but quite metals in the gold, corresponding to nickel. So when you have a steel or nickel allergy, contact with sure kinds of gold might trigger a skin response.

Similarly, your likelihood of a response may decrease with 18 karat gold, which is 75 % gold. But should you wear gold that’s solely 12 carats or 9 carats — thus containing the next amount of nickel or one other metallic — you could be more likely to have a response. Therefore, you won't react to 24 karat gold , which has ninety nine.9 p.c of gold.

Typically, the more pure gold in a bit of jewellery, the less nickel it contains. So if it’s actually nickel you’re delicate to, a response would possibly solely happen when sporting certain forms of gold.

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