PCB Fabrication

PCB factory raw materials are generally is 1020 mm * 1020 mm and 1020 mm * 1220 mm specifications

by:A-TECH      2020-05-28
Enlarge crystal rings will be ready for silver slurry into the thorn lattice, by operator under the microscope LED chips with crystal pen thorn on the PCB printed circuit board. Will stab good crystal PCB printed circuit board in the heat cycle oven temperature let stand for a period of time, after waiting for silver slurry curing remove ( No longer, or LED chip coating will bake huang, oxidizing, give a bond formation difficult) 。 If have LED chip dependend, demand more than a few process; If as long as the state of IC chips rule to cancel the above process. Drying. Bare chip glue to be included in the heat cycle oven on large plane hot plate temperature let stand for a period of time, can also be natural curing ( A long time) 。 Dependend ( Line) 。 Choose aluminium wire welding wire machine will chip ( LED grain or IC chips) With the corresponding PCB solder bridge aluminium wire, wire welding in the COB. Before the test. Using special testing tools, According to the different USES of the COB has different equipment, simple is high precision regulated power supply) Detection of COB board, will unqualified boards from scratch repair. Single panel, on the basic of PCB, electronic assembly processing parts will be set in one side, wires are gathered on the other side. Due to the wire side only appear in the meantime, so I said this kind of PCB is called single sided PCB. Single panel usually manufacture simple, low cost, but the disadvantage is that could not be applied to too cluttered product. Is an extension of the single panel, double panel when single wiring demand cannot be satisfied with electronic product, is about to use double panel. PCB factory raw materials are generally is 1020 mm * 1020 mm and 1020 mm * 1220 mm specifications, if it's not the size of the veneer or makeup, PCB production process, can produce a lot of raw material waste, waste PCB factory will take some of the edge is added to the price of your board, so that your PCB unit price is expensive; Design better if the board size, the size of the veneer or makeup is n equal parts of raw materials, then the utilization ratio of raw materials, PCB factory cutting, with the same size of raw materials, made more boards, veneer the price is cheap.
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