PCB Fabrication

PCB aluminum substrate

by:A-TECH      2020-05-30
PCB aluminum substrate is divided into double sided PCB substrate and single-sided PCB aluminum plate, aluminum double sided PCB substrate consists of two sides of copper foil, isolation layer and in the middle of the aluminum plate, single sided aluminum PCB is mainly composed of copper foil, isolation layer and the aluminum plate. The present domestic only several circuit board factory to double-sided aluminum plate and the circuit board processing factory in the south. Double-sided aluminum PCB machining up than ordinary double-sided circuit board to a lot of hard, is the most important part of Kong Hua problem, after the common PCB drilling through heavy copper plating can Kong Hua was carried out on the circuit board processing, aluminum PCB requires in plugging after drilling the hole drilling in Kong Hua processing. Single sided PCB aluminum plate processing steps and the same, and ordinary single-sided circuit board processing steps are drilling, screen printing, corrosion, welding plate processing, processing and into.
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