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nj transit rail projects on drawing board but questions remain on money

by:A-TECH      2020-01-24
Steve Santoro says they are called the most important transit project in the region, but does the scale of the project mean that other projects are not necessarily on the list, according to the capital planning and project director of NJ Transit, several light rail projects are on drawings at different stages of the design.
On Thursday, Santoro made a statement during a panel discussion at the Urban Land Institute on transport projects and how to fund them.
\"When the funds are in place, there are a considerable number of infrastructure and expansion projects available,\" Santoro said . \".
Two different extensions of Hudson
The Bergen light rail, on the drawings, extends the north branch line to Bergen County and West to the harkensack river bank in Jersey City, serving the proposed development of the \"significant\", he said. Camden-
He said that the Glassboro light rail project is advancing the planning and design process and is waiting for funding sources.
\"We have a few other ones that haven\'t made the headlines, but they\'re on the shelves,\" Santoro said . \". \"MOM (Monmouth-Ocean-
Desas rail line)
Experienced conceptualism.
\"On the other side of the Delaware River, Penn officials are reverting the concept of running passenger trains on the raqqavanna railway --
In Sussex County, a line is being restored in the NJ Transit.
But how to pay for them and speed up the process remains the biggest challenge for officials.
Public-private partnerships or p3 are one of the tools suggested to help with large transport projects, such as the New York Port Authority and the New Jersey project to replace the Goethals Bridge.
\"P3 is not free,\" said Karen Hedlund, National P3 consultant at Parsons Brinckerhoff . \".
\"The private sector invests the money it receives from the value of the project into the project.
\"One of these tangible values for the private sector is the value that bus lines bring to real estate.
Curiosity about road construction by public transport
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If it\'s a tram in Los Angeles
She said that the light rail project, the owners along the route are conducting a special assessment of the construction.
Hedland said that those at the front of the land paid the most for the house, and the evaluation of the owners a few blocks away was lower.
The advantage is that the property along the line is rented and sold at a higher price as it is considered a comfort.
Can P3 help finance the portal project for the construction of two new Hudson River railway tunnels and finance the repair of 105
Tunnels damaged by Hurricane Sandy a year ago: if the Hudson River tunnel is closed, the nightmare of waiting \"everything about how the gateway is financed is on the table, apparently P3 is an option, said Hedlund, he declined to elaborate on how P3 would work for the tunnel.
\"This is something we have to look for this project.
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