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new tire pressure sensor from infineon is industry\'s first \'single-package\' solution for u.s. auto safety requirements

by:A-TECH      2020-01-20
Young connection 2006 booth1124--
Infineon technology gathered at the 2006 trade show today (NYSE: IFX)(FRANKFURT: IFX)
The SP35 tire pressure sensor is introduced, the first device to combine all the main functions of the wheel
Installation of tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS)
A separate module.
Highly integrated equipment installed on a PCB (
Printed circuit board)
Complete TPMS modules are formed by batteries and antennas, and automotive industry suppliers can obtain costs in the following areas
Effectively meet the requirements of the US government. S.
Safety regulations and address the growing demand for TPMS for new passenger cars and light trucks worldwide.
The SP35 is a tire pressure sensor based on Infineon\'s extensive experience and expertise in delivering TPMS solutions
Sensor, RF (RF)
Micro controller equipment.
By eliminating the need for a separate communication chip in the TPMS module, the SP35 reduces the complexity and cost of the module by about 10%. Thesingle-
Integrated Microcomputer System for packaging devices (Micro Electro-
Mechanical System)
Pressure, acceleration and temperature sensors with 8-
Bit micro controller (MCU)
Wireless communication between TPMS module and electronic control unit through AM/FM (
RFtransmitter LF (low-frequency)receiver.
The MCU chip also includes memory, battery voltage monitor, and advanced power control elements.
\"Infineon has made an early commitment to TPMS technology and has provided solutions in several generations, as this concept has evolved from apremium products on high-performance vehicles to today\'smarket roll-
\"Out,\" said Christopher Cook, general manager of automotive, industry and multi-market (AIM)
Infineon technology North American company business group\"As the U. S.
Our experience enables us to provide state-of-the-art technology.
Our goal is to keep growing. more-
Smart sensors will help make cars safer, and as they begin to play an increasingly important role in engine management, smart sensors will reduce fuel consumption and pollution levels. \"The U. S.
TPMSs requirements for light vehicles (
Less than 000 pounds.
It is being put into use in stages in 2006, with 2007 new cars nationwide.
Automakers and tire suppliers are implementing solutions to measure key parameters of tire pressure and transmit this information to the control system.
When the pressure of any one tire or any combination of up to four tires is lower than the manufacturer\'s recommended cold pressure of 20%, a driver warning is generated
Inflationary pressures.
In order to meet customer needs and safety objectives, tire pressure monitoring is also being adopted in other regions, especially in Europe.
Infineon is a market leader in automotive safety application sensors and related integrated circuits, including TPMS, airbags, ABS and electronic stability control and rollingover sensors.
In fact, every new car in the world has an average of five sensors from Infineon to support security applications.
Packaging, price and availability of the SP35 tire pressure sensorDSOP-14 package.
The device is suitable for tire pressure range from 100 kPa (14. 50 psi)to450 kPa (65. 25 psi).
Samples from the SP35 version are now priced at $8 and are expected to produce 2007 in the third quarter. Ahigher-
Pressure version (
From the range of 100-800 kPa)
It is planned to go public in early 2008.
The sensor is based on Infineon\'s patent three-in-one
Stacktechnology with best servicein-
Media compatibility in harsh automotive environments.
Infineon is one of the few semiconductor manufacturers that offer three major sensor groups (
Pressure, magnetic and inertia)
Electronic products for safety and power system as well as body and convenience.
For more information about the Infineon sensor portfolio, please visit www. infineon.
Com/sensorsinfinon presents the SP35 and its car manufacturer portfolio at Booth 1124, Convergence 2006 trade show, October16-
In Detroit, Michigan.
About Infineon Technology Co. , Ltd. , Munich, Germany, provides semiconductor and system solutions for automotive, industrial and multi-market sectors, communication applications and memory products through its subsidiary Qimonda.
Infineon operates globally through its subsidiaries in the United States, from San Jose, California, Asia --
The Pacific Region of Singapore and Japan.
Fiscal Year 2005 (
By September)
The company achieved sales of 6 euros.
There are about 76 billion employees worldwide, accounting for 36,400.
The DAX index of Infineon on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange (
Stock Code: IFX).
More information is provided on Www. infineon. com.
For more information about qimonda, please visit www. qimonda. com.
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