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How to perform special treatment on the PCB surface

by:A-TECH      2021-03-25
Those of us who have studied chemistry since high school know that copper is easily oxidized in the air, causing discoloration, blackening and even rust. Therefore, the copper oxide layer will have a great impact on welding, and false welding occurs frequently. , It will also cause the pads and components to be unable to be soldered. To solve this problem, a process must be set up to solve this problem in the production of PCBs, that is, a layer of coating (plating) on u200bu200bthe surface of the exposed pads can protect the pads from The oxidized substance. At present, common and widely used PCB board surface treatments include: tin tin, tin spray, silver immersion, chemical immersion gold, electroplated gold, etc. There will also be some special PCB surface treatment processes. The cost of different processing processes is also different. After all, the occasions used are different. Just like we usually buy products, we only choose the right ones and not the expensive ones. In order to consider the cost performance, some merchants will meet the PCB application scenarios at the lowest price. However, naturally there will be a variety of different crafts for us to choose. We cannot say which craft is good or bad, because every craft has good and bad. The most important thing is to find the right one and how to use it The process. For example, we wrap a thick layer of nickel-gold alloy with good electrical properties on the copper surface and can protect the PCB for a long time. The conductor on the PCB surface is electroplated with a layer of nickel and then electroplated with a layer of gold. The main purpose of nickel plating is to prevent the diffusion between gold and copper. OSP is only used as an anti-rust barrier layer, which can achieve good electrical performance during long-term use of the PCB. In addition, it also has an advantage that other surface treatment processes do not have, that is, tolerance to the environment. Between OSP and electroless nickel/immersion gold, the process is simple and fast. It can still provide very good electrical performance and maintain good solderability in some hot, humid and other environments. Its disadvantage is that it will lose its luster. It is precisely that there is no nickel under the silver layer, so sinking silver is not It has the superior physical strength of electroless nickel/immersion gold. The above are some of the processing techniques listed by the editor for everyone, hoping to help you, PCB has always insisted on using superb technical force, sophisticated production equipment, perfect testing methods, product quality higher than industry standards, and warm and thoughtful service. Won the praise and welcome of global merchants and users. Here to enter the pricing page https://www./QB
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