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Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold

by:A-TECH      2020-11-08

If that is the root cause, and it might not solder, then the whole board ought to be scrapped. Flux and cleaning chemical assault largely relies upon upon how long fluxes were in contact with the end, and when and how cleansing was carried out. If flux residues have been in touch with the ENIG end for an extended time frame, damage may happen to the end. This is especially true for water soluble fluxes and solder pastes which are more aggressive than no cleans. Depending on the age and storage situations of the boards, oxidation may even be evident with the preliminary reflow.

Over 7 years in SMT, Radial Insertion, Wave solder & Test Applications. There is a slight risk that the Nickel within the ENIG oxidized after reflow. I actually have ran lots of of ENIG boards through the reflow and I actually have never seen this downside. If your reflow oven is supplied with Nitrogen attempt running a bare board from the same lot and see if you nonetheless get oxidation. Mark has over 25 years' experience in electronics fabrication, high quality and reliability while working for IEC Electronics, GE, Motorola, ORS, etc.

He has most lately established IEC Electronics Analysis and Testing Laboratories , LLC in Albuquerque, NM for electronics and material analysis testing in the navy, medical, and industrial industries. His space of experience consists of PCB, PCBA, parts, analytical and electrical analysis strategies.

Boards are not saved more than a 12 months or so and are in a humidity controlled surroundings. If the boards are ENIG cleansing and reflow of the boards may drive off the oxidation. But again, going again to your supplier and getting their specs, checking your certificate of compliance - which hopefully you have. Gold is fabulously costly at present so any manufacturer who's putting gold on is going to try to get away with completely the minimum quantity of gold that - maybe pushing the low finish of a thickness specification. When evaluating ENIG to ENEPIG, ENIG can be less expensive as a result of absence of palladium.

Other notable advantages derived from utilizing OSP embrace the low price incurred in implementing this finish and its simplicity. You can use OSP finish when trying to connect small profile PCB components similar to ball grids. Extreme temperature and humidity values will affect the board surface by causing breakage and soaking.

However, ENIG can't be utilized in all of the purposes where ENEPIG could also be used, particularly when gold wire bonding application is required. Recognized as a time-technology chief, Cirexx offers a real Quick Turn service and offers a “one-stop-shop” and all in-home solution with 100% USA manufacturing. A few years in the past, its process has been improved and with the lead free directive, Chemical Sn is but again getting extra well-liked. ENEPIG is an acronym for Electroless Nickel Electroless Palladium Immersion Gold which is an ENIG finish with an additional palladium layer. The use of the OSP finish has been on the rise as a result of its low cost and environmentally friendly options.

Obviously, a reflow cycle in an air environment would exacerbate the oxidation. We have been using ENIG boards for 5 years and have by no means had an oxidation downside.

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