PCB Fabrication

This circuit board processing electric operation specification is?

by:A-TECH      2020-05-25
Circuit board processing welding experts usually in electric heat flux on besmear after, the solder coating evenly on the soldering iron head let solder welding of the reentry after soldering iron. And circuit board experts think the soldering iron welding time shoulds not be too long otherwise easily burnt components, after the completion of the welding operation, want to use alcohol residual flux on the PCB after cleaned coking in case of the flux affect the normal work of the circuit. Circuit board processing welding experts think that in order to make the welding is convenient and save time, circuit board processing and welding sequence are especially important when welding. Reliable circuit boards welding expert will choose to lower welding point, it is difficult that welding circuit board more smooth. Take measures from the PCB circuit board processing technology, as far as possible to reduce or reduce machining excessive vibration phenomenon in order to reduce the effect of external mechanical forces. Especially when annealing tin lead alloy coating, easy to take place between goldplating plug and plug pills, must pay attention to choose the suitable annealing tin lead potions and operation process. Especially hot air leveling, such as control, infrared hot stamping, failure will cause the effect of thermal stress results in a defect in the substrate. Different varieties of PCB in SMT process required components are placed on the feeding trough, take device is removed from the feed trough components attached to the location specified on the PCB. According to the survey data for empirical research object, a high-speed placement machine, on average, pasted on the element of time is 0. 6 s, the average switching a feeding trough time of 180 s. Multi-function placement machine has two table, but only one workbench work, another workbench is used only for large or alien elements, each workbench accommodate 10 feeding trough, average pasted on a component to 0. 18 s, an average of one feeder switch time of 220 s. When switching between different varieties of PCB, SMT machine needs to be certain to switch time, usually for a switch component feed trough time about 6 times, the 1200 s. Switch time, therefore, has a pivotal position in the process of electronic products assembly.
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