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the need of turnkey pcb assembly -

by:A-TECH      2020-03-03
The basic meaning of turnkey PCB assembly is that the PCB is not fully assembled;Instead, the customer has to assemble it with minimal effort.The user only provides the least amount of information, the PCB assembler buys and collects all the parts, assembles them to a greater extent, and then sends some unfinished parts to the customer, who completes the PCB himself.What \\ rIs turnkey PCB assembly?The basic meaning of turnkey \\ rPCB components is that the PCB is not fully assembled;Instead, the customer has to assemble it with minimal effort.
The user only provides the least information, the PCB assembler buys and collects all the parts, assembles it to a greater extent, then sends it to the customer, partially unfinished, and the customer completes the PCB himself.This model is also used for a variety of other products other than PCB.The simplest example we can find is the children\'s bicycle, most of which are shipped by parts, and the customers assemble the main parts themselves.
The same is true of furniture.
We can compare these two examples directly with the PCB whose \\ rlittle and more critical parts are assembled by the manufacturer and \\ rsend to the customer.Then he put all the parts together to develop the product.It should be noted here that the parts that the customer has to assemble themselves are usually easy to assemble.
Now there is also a \\ ra type called semi-Turnkey PCB assemblyTurn-key PCB components where \\ rbuyer has also purchased some materials and the PCB manufacturer does nothing on its own.Where is the turnkey and why do we need it?In order to reduce the cost of transportation, always use the pcbasseymy of the turnkey.This is done in order to install the largest equipment in a smaller space, thus reducing the cost of space and weight for transportation.
Now, as we know, the manufacturing cost of all products in China is even less than half that of the US manufacturing price.S.Therefore, in order to provide users with the biggest advantages and cheaper end products, some companies have manufacturing components in China.PCB assembly China is the most effective solution for printed circuit board manufacturers.
PCB materials and ics s are sent from the US to ensure the quality of the product and then made in China.PCB assembly in China is not just costEffective solutions;It also enables manufacturers to improve quality but is still within the followingcost solution.Cost is a key factor in the PCB assembly industry.
Low Cost PCB assembly is bread and butter for all modern electronics companies.The lower the cost of PCB assembly, the lower the cost of electronic equipment.Today, the cost of PCB design depends on the size of the PCB, the number of layers of the PCB, complexity, high speed and thermal properties.
For simpler PCs, most industry deals are $ per unit.Lower prices without affecting quality will attract more customers.Reducing the cost of PCB assembly means reducing the cost of PCB \\ r components, or reducing the number of components in a completely smarter way, depending on us.
The turnkey PCB assembly is the perfect answer to most customer production and shipping cost questions as it greatly reduces shipping and production costs and some effort must be made by the customer or the buyer
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