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The development of PCB how

by:A-TECH      2020-05-21
PCB circuit boards in Chinese printed circuit board, also called printed circuit board, is an important electronic components, electronic components to support the body, is the carrier of electronic electrical connection. Since it is made of electronic printing, therefore is called 'printed circuit board. Electronic equipment adopts the PCB, due to the consistency of the same kind of PCB, so as to avoid the artificial connection error, and can realize automatic instrumentation or SMT electronic components, automatic soldering, automatic detection, improve the quality of the electronic equipment, improve the labor productivity, reduces the cost, and easy maintenance. From single to double side, multi-layer PCB and flexible, and still maintained their own development. Due to constantly to develop in the direction of precision, density and reliability, shrinking volume, reduce costs, improve performance, makes the PCB in the future development of the electronic equipment engineering, still has the vitality. Were reviewed at home and abroad in the future technology development trend of PCB manufacturing is basically consistent, namely to high density, high precision, small aperture, thin wire, small spacing, reliable, multiple stratification, high-speed transmission, light weight, thin, on the production at the same time to improve productivity, reduce costs, reduce pollution, to adapt to many varieties, small batch production. On the technology level of development of printed circuit boards, PCB line width, aperture, thickness/diameter ratio. Since the mid - 1950 - s, printed circuit board to be used. In PCB circuit boards, electronic components of interconnection between is done based on wire directly connected. Just now, wire made application and test in the laboratory; Printed circuit board in the electronics industry has certainly occupy the position of absolute control. Since China's reform and opening up, Chinese because in the aspects of labor resources, market, investment preferential policies to attract the mass transfer of European and American manufacturing, a large number of electronic products and manufacturers will factory set up in China, and thus led to the development of related industries, including PCB circuit boards. Sandwich plate with more single or double wiring board. With a double lining, two one-way for outer layer or two double lining, two blocks of single outer layer of the printed circuit board, circuit board processing through the positioning system and the alternate insulation adhesive materials and conductive graphics interconnection according to design requirement of printed circuit board becomes four, six layer printed circuit board, also known as multilayer printed circuit board. Layers of the board does not mean that there are several wiring layer, under special circumstances will join empty layer to control board thickness, layer number usually is even, and contains the outside of the two layers. Most of the motherboard is 4 to 8 layer structure, but technical theory can be nearly 100 layers of PCB.
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