PCB Fabrication

Teach you a tool to calculate PCB copper thickness and current, line length, impedance, etc.

by:A-TECH      2021-03-23
There are many tools for calculating PCB copper thickness, current, line length, impedance, etc. Next, I will share with you a tool that I personally think is very good. I hope everyone feels it is good and can be helpful to you. The PCB design assistant tool designed according to the international PCB manufacturing standard IPC-2221 can be based on the user's continuous current, copper thickness, temperature rise coefficient of the PCB wire, ambient temperature, and wire length. It can accurately calculate the required PCB outer layer and inner layer trace width, trace internal resistance, and trace voltage drop produced when current conditions flow, and trace power consumption. It also has functions such as PCB through hole processing calculation, electrical wire specification query, and quick guide for washing board requirements.
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