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Professional circuit board chip level maintenance service provider

by:A-TECH      2020-04-29
The company has complete testing instruments and maintenance tools: testing instruments include dual-channel digital storage oscilloscope, high-precision digital multimeter, pointer multimeter, milliohmmeter, millivolt meter, frequency meter, high and low frequency generator, programmer, function generator, logic pen, transistor graphic instrument, grounding Resistance Tester, clamp-shaped ammeter, clamp-on power meter, electric energy measurement analyzer, etc; Maintenance tools include professional maintenance table, welding table with tin suction pump, tin furnace, electric soldering iron, hot air gun, tin suction device, experimental power supply, adjustable power supply, BGA welding table, ball planting table, ultrasonic cleaning machine and other maintenance tools. Technical advantages: no drawing maintenance is required. Our company's technicians have been engaged in circuit board maintenance for more than ten years, with wide contact and rich experience. They are proficient in the circuit principles of various industrial equipment and have rich maintenance experience, it can carry out rapid inspection and maintenance on any equipment without industry restrictions, has rich experience in brand parameters and substitution of components, and can achieve rapid repair with low cost and high quality. Service Advantage: The company has a complete spare parts library, all the commonly used accessories are complete, all the accessories are small, the resistance capacity is large, and the module is purchased. First, the strict test is carried out and then classified into the warehouse, ensure that every device in stock has high quality performance and reject any defective products. The professional technology of the company's technical personnel and the complete spare parts inventory, so our company's maintenance features are: Fast maintenance speed, high repair rate, reliable quality, reasonable charge and long warranty time, as long as it is our customer, our company provides free technical consulting services for a long time. Truly save time, worry and money for customers, save a lot of time and money for enterprises and individuals, Shorten downtime, improve production and work efficiency, and also provide on-site maintenance services, to ensure the interests of customers. Charging standard and warranty service: calculated as a percentage of the original selling price of the circuit board: the total maintenance cost is generally less than 30% of the selling price of the original circuit board. For example, according to the failure situation, maintenance difficulty, labor cost, urgency, comparison of intact equipment, lack of parts and other reasons, 10% of the original selling price of the repair equipment or module-30% charge, subject to actual pricing; Individual damage is particularly serious, there are many bad things and accessories are not easy to purchase and expensive. Maintenance costs like this are negotiable. 1. If the original value is less than 1000 yuan, the maintenance price is: 300 yuan 2. Original value 1000- Within 10000 yuan, the repair price is: 300-3000 yuan 3. Original value 10000- Within 40000 yuan, the repair price is 3000- 12000 yuan agreement quotation: If you need technical service customers for a long time and have signed relevant agreements, the maintenance price can be negotiated and negotiated by both parties, with appropriate preferential treatment. If the repair is not good, there will be no charge. The general warranty for repair is 3 months, and the large quantity can be guaranteed for 6 months. The warranty time can be discussed separately according to the repair quantity, repair price and customer requirements.
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