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by:A-TECH      2020-04-26
PCB thick transparent acrylic watch- Plexiglass sheet aluminum grille, speaker, amplifier, battery, paint, PLEXIGLASS glue, screw Step 2: Prepare materials, warning: it is very important to use safety equipment, goggles and masks! ! Use the soldering iron and try to remove as much as possible from one side of the PCB board. Use a hot torch to remove all other parts. We need to make a box to remove any other bumps or fragments with sandpaper. Use a table saw to cut 2 PCBs and 2 plxiglass for the left and right sides (Same size). The top and bottom are 2 2 pieces respectively, and the front and back are 2 2 pieces respectively. You can increase the volume of the speaker as needed. Mark the position of the speaker and the protection grille, and use a wire saw to cut the holes of the speaker and the speaker protection grille. When cutting plexiglass, please use oil to prevent melting. Use a metal file to remove any defects. Make the hole and screw with the faucet tool. Cut an Aluminum Grill and clip it between two pieces of wood. Bend the edge with a hammer and make a speaker grill cover. 3rd step: Speaker Box 'with organic glass special glue and' with organic glass production box 'with screw and glue will organic glass add to organic glass on' with Superglue connection speaker grid cover, punch holes for charging ports, USB and buttons. I use electronic capacitors :)For buttons. Draw the box in any color you like. Step 4: Insert the electronic device into the speaker, amplifier and all other electronic components. Use silica gel to prevent air leakage. Done!
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