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PCB imposition method

by:A-TECH      2021-04-06
PCB imposition method 2020-08-19 16:50:00 After the entire circuit board design is completed, the PCB circuit board needs to be SMT patched and attached to the components. Each SMT processing factory will stipulate according to the processing requirements of the assembly line The most suitable size of the circuit board is specified. For example, if the size is too small or too large, the tooling for fixing the circuit board on the assembly line cannot be fixed. So the question is, what if the size of our circuit board itself is smaller than the size specified by the factory? That is, we need to put the circuit boards together, and put multiple circuit boards into one piece. Imposition can significantly improve efficiency for both high-speed placement machines and wave soldering. You can easily separate multiple boards when doing imposition to avoid damage to the circuit board during separation. Determine which type of imposition method to use according to the shape of a single type of imposition. PCB imposition methods mainly include V-CUT, punching, and stamp hole. The size of the panel can not be too large or too small. Generally, small boards can be assembled or welded for convenience. 1. PCB boarding method—V-CUT V-CUT means that several boards or the same board can be combined and spliced u200bu200btogether, and then after the PCB processing is completed, a V-shaped groove is cut between the boards with a V-CUT machine. Break apart when in use. It is the more popular way nowadays. 2. PCB splicing method-punching punching refers to the milling between the board or the inside of the board with a milling machine as needed, which is equivalent to digging out. 3. PCB boarding method-stamp hole. The so-called stamp hole is to use a small hole to link the board to the board, which looks like the zigzag on the stamp, so it is called the stamp hole link. The stamp hole link requires high-control burrs on all four sides between the board and the board, that is, only a small stamp hole can be used to replace the V line. Circuit Board Co., Ltd. will recommend the most suitable imposition method according to the requirements provided by the customer, so as to satisfy the customer and achieve the best quality of the board. Trust us, we are professional PCB customization experts, and be trusted by your side PCB partner!
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