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PCB copy board can check for leaks in the process of reverse research, and realize the localization of hydraulic products

by:A-TECH      2021-03-14
It is understood that hydraulic products are the core component of construction machinery. However, 70% of high-end hydraulic products in my country rely on imports. Especially in high-end construction machinery, 90% of hydraulic parts are controlled by others, and 70% to 80% of profits are given to foreign hydraulic products. manufacturer. For example, the high-pressure hydraulic components and systems used in excavators basically rely on imports, which have become a huge bottleneck for the development of the industry. To get rid of the weakness of being big but not strong and relying on imitation, China's construction machinery must continue to strengthen its core technology, and PCB copy board technology is the most effective means to defend against counterattacks. Maybe some people think that PCB copying is not an imitation? In fact, it is not the case. Imitation may only be a simple 'like in appearance but not like in God'. If you can't really grasp the core of the technology, it will easily lead to 'cottage'. The PCB copy board starts from the various main control components and core circuit boards of the original product, and uses reverse Ru0026D methods to reverse a full set of technical documents such as schematics, PCB files, and BOM lists. It even involves the decryption of some difficult chips on the board, and then Use these files for PCB design, component welding, flying probe testing, circuit board debugging, and complete the complete copy of the original circuit board template. In this process, we can not only learn the latest foreign electronic circuit design technology, but also digest and absorb it to develop and design better products. As far as everyone knows, among the hydraulic products of construction machinery, a few large foreign brands dominate the global market and core technology, and even rely on technology to arbitrarily raise prices. Faced with such a situation, Chinese construction machinery companies can only look at the faces of people, but they are always daring not to speak. Nowadays, with a few advanced PCB copy board companies in China, they have cracked a number of core technologies in hydraulic production, which not only fills the gaps in the country, but also helps Chinese construction robots to grab our own from foreigners. market share. In the face of fierce market competition, if we want to truly regain our own market, it is obviously not enough to master the core technology of others through PCB copy board. We must also have our own characteristics and find a way that suits us. Opportunities are always for those who are good at discovering. Although several famous foreign hydraulic brands have excellent technology, their designs are old-fashioned. They use design schemes from decades ago. They have a certain distance from the current market demand. They only suffer from the fact that they are technology monopolists and users. Can only continue to be used. This defect of the competitor provides a rare opportunity for Chinese construction machinery companies to compete for the hydraulic market. In the process of reverse research, PCB copy board can not only check for omissions, but also digest, absorb and re-innovate, and promote rapid industrial transformation and upgrading. Therefore, in view of the current old-fashioned design schemes of foreign hydraulic brands, we can close unreasonable procedures during the PCB copy process and add innovative elements with 'Chinese characteristics'. This kind of micro-innovation based on branded products is bound to help local hydraulic products quickly realize localization.
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