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by:A-TECH      2020-04-17
After more than ten years of actual combat experience, our design team has professional and skilled experience and skills, which can solve and perfect some defects and deficiencies in the current PCB design and wiring, can simulate high-speed data lines to ensure design quality. We have a full set of advanced experimental equipment, which can test all the states of PCB line signals to ensure that the PCB clone board and the template are restored by 100%, and the board copying accuracy reaches 1mil. In the copy-board cycle, Long Ren always adheres to the principle of maximizing cost savings for customers, and quickly samples the samples of the two-sided board within 24 hours, and the four-layer board within 48 hours. And we have a professional oem pcb processing factory, the introduction of foreign advanced equipment and technology, can provide you with a sample of private processing and production services, to meet your board requirements. Faced with the rapid development of science and technology, while studying reverse technology with great concentration, Longren reverse Research division continuously pays attention to the improvement of its own scientific research technology level, continuously innovates technology and innovates development from the inside, constantly introduce new technologies and new talents. The company reversely designed the schematic diagram with clear lines and reasonable layout according to the technical documents exported from the copy board. In the process, the PCB template provided by the customer can be converted into a Gerber File for production. We can also make PCB template schematic diagram, PCB package diagram and BOM list for you, and provide customers with PCB proofing or mass production, etc. In the process of copying the board, Longren can create a perfect prototype for you by combining the most advanced design software and technology. You can also generate various software format documents for you, such as PowerPCB, Protel99/Se, PAD2000, etc. Maybe the product you cloned needs to generate schematic diagram, BOM bill of materials, etc. We can also provide you with full service. If the product you want to clone leaves the factory earlier and the components have been discontinued, please find Longren. Our BOM engineer and purchasing engineer will solve the problem for you; If the circuit board you want to clone is more advanced and the circuit and components are complicated, please also find the Dragon Man, our copy-board engineers and PCB design and debugging engineers will guarantee 100% accurate schematic diagram and perfect prototype for you. PCB copying process: Warm tips: 1. Customers who conduct circuit board cloning business in our company must have a legal PCB design copyright source statement, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of copyright owners of original PCB design; 2. Recently, there are many companies on the market with 'PCB copy service' in order to avoid unnecessary losses; Guarantee your interests; Please confirm whether the company exists or has been revoked;
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