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how to make a custom pcb using a low power laser engraver

by:A-TECH      2020-01-21
When it comes to homemade PCB, you can find several ways on the Internet: from the simplest, just pen, to the more complex way to use 3D printers and other devices.
This tutorial is the last case!
In this project, I show how to make printed circuit boards using low cost, low power laser cutting machines.
Until recently, you will only find one of the machines in makerspace or other commercial facilities.
They will spend thousands of dollars so that an ordinary manufacturer cannot have one for himself.
There are also some laser cutting services online, but I don\'t think they are the perfect choice for quick prototyping.
Fortunately, there are several laser engraving machines on the Internet now!
Most of them have low-power lasers and may be used only for etching and engraving drawings on different surfaces (
Glass, metal, or wood, for example).
Their surface area and laser power are only a small part of a professional machine, but it will be a good start for manufacturers and enthusiasts.
In this tutorial I will show you how I can make a printed circuit board using a low power laser engraver (PCB).
It would be a good choice if you want to make the first prototype of the board (
At least before you order a better version from an online manufacturer! ).
You can find the laser cutting machine I use in the link below: Do you know you can find an awesome laser cutting machine on instructures?
Come and have a look: se trata de fazer uma PCB caseira, voce quite encontrar varios métodos online: desde OS mais rudimentares, utilizando apenas uma caneta, have eaten the OS mais sofisticiados usando impressoras 3D gopoutros equipamentos.
A tutorial on Winis lutimo Caso!
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Line, mas, Naha opini Cosmo, and perfeita prototipagem, other nao seriam a escolha.
Felizmente, existem várias Máquinas de grava laser o a laser oníveis online!
À maioria Duras tem laser to go to baisa pot radio ncia e podem ser usadas superícies grava ço diferentes em apenas (
Vidro, metal omadra, por exemplo).
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Nister tutorial, KOMO mostrarei usei uma gravadora laser to go to the circle Cuito section of baisa pot Holdings ncia impresso production Zir a Galeria de circuito (PCB ou PCI).
Omar OSU faze pomiro OMA plesito (
Pelo menos ate encomendar uma melhorada vers Domo de fabricante algum online! ).
Voce quite encontrar a gravadora laser usada NYS tutorial without link abaixo: \"terrible thing\" Sabia quite encontrar que uma incrível auditorium de Corte laser ra na instructures?
Confirmation: The following tools and materials are used in this tutorial: the manufacturing process of homemade PCB usually includes the following steps: 1.
In this step, draw the circuit board to be produced.
Both a new board of directors can be designed and an open source project can be replicated.
Different CAD software can be used (
Fritzing, KiCAD, E. Morpheus, Eagle, etc. ). 2.
Once the printed circuit board is designed, it must be transferred to the board.
There are several ways to do this: using the thermal method (
By transferring toner from paper to the board, by heating), manually (
Draw the circuit with the right pen)
Even use a 3D printer.
In this project, I used a laser engraver to transfer the design to the flat panel. 3.
Once the mask is transferred to the plate, the part of the plate is chemically corroded to remove the part of the copper.
At the end of this process, the board should be only with the track that makes up the circuit. 4.
Once the corrosion is completed, the plate will be ready for cleaning, drilling and welding parts.
After that, just check everything and turn on the power and be happy!
______________________________ O processo de fabrica C ã O da plate caseira normalmente consiste dos passos seguintes: months.
Design the products of dabaso FETO deshove da pressende.
Épossível is open source for realizar ø projeto de uma Catalunya Island and cópias de realizar projetos in dual currency.
Software used by CAD podem ser (
Fritzing, KiCAD, E. Morpheus, Eagle, etc. ). 2.
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Se operating system circuito com uma caneta apropriada)
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Limpeza e acabamentuma concludída vez a corros Tillo, a sweet rye bread from pronta estará para ser, Catalunya, perfurada liberter OS solados components.
Depois disso, ésóverificar tudo, élisää energizar e!
Once you have a PCB design (
Design with any CAD software of your choice)
You can export it to SVG format for reading in other graphics editing software.
In this process, several layers can be exported: top view, mask, silk, etc.
All layers have normal or mirror format.
The manufacturing process described in this tutorial requires the application of shielding on the PCB.
The part of the cover plate covered by the mask will not be corroded, so it will remain on the end plate.
Parts that do not cover the mask will be exposed to iron chloride, corroded and removed from the printed circuit board.
In this process, it is necessary to cover the whole plate with a layer of paint and use a laser engraver to remove only a few parts.
In this way, most software-generated masks should reverse their color (
Reverse the black pixel to white and vice versa).
Two software were used to perform a mask reversal :-
Inkscape: used to convert SVG files to image format (PNG).
Also used to convert graphics to black and white images (
If it is a CAD export in color format; -
Gimp: used to reverse the mask color (
White pixels in black pixels).
The generated image is then loaded into the laser engraving software for printing to the surface of the sheet.
Pay attention to the size of the image: Check whether the output size of the laser engraving software is the size required for the actual prototype.
In this tutorial, the design of a specific board has not been completed.
Instead, I\'m trying to replicate an open source board developed by Fabio Sousa: franjinio.
This incredible motherboard can be easily assembled and programmed by users at all levels, it is compatible with the Arduino IDE and is completely designed in Brazil!
About the project of the Commission on Github: vez que voce ø desenho tenha da Catalunya (
Projetado usando qualquer Software de CAD de sua preferncia)
There is no SVG leleitura em outros software of any kind.
High quality Vista, inferior Vista, Maskara, silk, etc.
Todas is Sir casus St. Pooja, and there is no normal Europe of any kind.
Description que seja aplicada uma maáscara Sobra PCB for the nesse tutorial requester.
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Nesse processes é neccesá rio revestir toda is a local company called uma camada de tinta that uses lasers.
Desa expects that the three-core invertida of the Máscara gerada worm maioria dos software deverásuas (
Inverter operating system pixel pretos branchversa).
Para realizar a invers Deso da Máscara, doi utilizados software with Kong worm :-
Inkscape: The conversion operating system arquivos SVG em format o de imagem (png).
Tam, in the Santo in, in salmon in old sambok in Uma in Beto in e in Blanca (
Caso o CAD exporte em format o colorido); -
Gimp: the lung of the inverter is Máscara utilizado (
Pixel front).
An image result without software da gravadora, an impressive laser parameter.
The Atentar segment is dimens Thales up to imagem: Development
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There is no caso desse tutorial, nasio foi feito o projeto de uma specifica.
Oinvés disso, tentei copy the car Uma Catalunya open source, pelo de senvolvida Fabio Sousa: a franzinho.
Esaincrível Catalunya quite ser montada facilmente programada usários de To-do list OS níveis por, compatívécomøarduino IDE e inteiramente projetada no Brazil!
No Github do projeto: masks are well designed and it is possible to start PCB production.
The first step is to apply a more or less uniform paint on the board.
In my case, a water-based Black PVA latex paint was used.
It is important that the paint is as dark as possible so that it can be burned by a laser.
White paint can reflect the laser, reducing the effectiveness of the laser.
It is also important that the paint must be water-based in order to be removed from the plate after etching the copper plate.
Apply a uniform coat of paint on the board to make the surface fully coated.
It is important that there are no holes or defects, as they may produce unwanted corrosion points, damage rails, or produce unwanted contact points.
It is necessary to wait until the paint is completely dry before proceeding to the next step.
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After the paint is dry, you can use a laser engraver to remove unwanted parts from the mask.
The 10w laser engraver was used at the beginning of this tutorial.
For the production of the circuit board, the following parameters are used :-
Laser intensity 100%-Speed: Maximum-
Burning Time: 20 ms-
Shortest paths if different devices are used, a combination of these parameters must be tested for better results.
The laser does not have enough energy to pierce the copper plate, but is able to remove the paint and expose the copper layer below.
It is important that the circuit is clearly printed on the board at the end of this step (
Remember that the dark part will not be removed after corrosion, only the exposed copper part will be corroded).
The process may be slow (
Depending on the size of the plate and the amount of material to be removed).
Therefore, using copper, it is important to limit the area to burn to the maximum possible range
Filling tools provided in most CAD software (
Fritzing for example).
Otherwise, it will take a lot of time to remove ink from the part of the board that will not interfere with the final circuit function.
In addition, limiting the amount of copper to be removed from the plate by corrosion also helps to increase the life of the iron chloride solution, because there will be less oxidation reaction.
Therefore, more prototypes can be produced before a corrosive solution needs to be exchanged.
Note the printing time (
Limited by manufacturer\'s recommendation).
It may be necessary to rest regularly (
Every 10 minutes, recommended according to the model used in my case).
The printing of about 50mm x 25mm plates tested in this project takes about 30 minutes.
More than I originally expected, but it\'s still an acceptable time for the prototype.
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I called him, so this uma corteadora laser goes to the month W, conforme apresentado no início desse tutorial.
Products of parkingtes Park Plaza Hotel :-
Intensidade laser: 100%-
Velocidade: Mark Sima-
Quima rhythm: 20 ms-
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Se testar uma desses par â metros combina ção the obter, Um melhor restado.
Ø laser nao possui energia perfurar suficiente para a Catalunya cobreada, porém capaz de remover à cada de tinta de sejada, a camada cobreada sobbed by ela expondo.
The important character que ao final Desa Etapa fique nitidarmente was impressed
Lembrando que, such as corros Mauro at the end of the party\'s esscuras nao ser Zaio removidas \', is unilaterally made as cobre exposta corroída serum).
O processor pode ser lento (
Das independendo dimens Thales da Catalunya Da Mai quantidade material Ser removido).
Por isso, éque se points short stand of limite o maximo possível a serárea, computer-aided design of utilizando a ferramenta de preenchiento cobreado dispon ível na maioría dos software (
Fritzing, por exemplo).
Caso contro rio, sera gasto um tempo considered the event that took place in the circuito final.
Alem disso, limited Ando-
Quantidade de cobre Ser removido itself, solução aumentar a da vida de cloreto de rail, Catalunya atravé s da corros Deso també m Di, uma vez que a serum of Reação de Mena oxida ção.
Assim, mais protótipos poder Deso ser produczidos antes da neccessidade de troca da solução corrosiva.
Ø rhythm com Cuidado de impreso (
Limitado bug recomenda ção do fabricante).
Realizar pausas periodicamente retrieved by ser Day (
A 10-minute cada, de acordo com.
The 50mm x 25mm testada nesse projeto levou cerca de was impressed in 30 minutes.
Bem mais does the rhythm of um in the EU esperava no início, ainda porém assim aceitá vel protótipo.
Once the mask is correctly printed on the board, there is a black mark on the area to be maintained, and part of the copper exposed on the track will be removed from the board, the copper should be corroded using an iron chloride solution.
It takes a few minutes for the material to be completely corroded.
Check regularly to ensure all materials are removed.
In my case, about 5 minutes is enough to remove the material.
Can apply a little water on the plate (
Do not apply friction so that the paint is not mechanically removed)
To better visualize the results.
In order to improve the efficiency of the chemical reaction, it may also be necessary to shake the iron chloride solution regularly.
Alimuma vez que Máscara esteja alimimpressa sobre a Catalunya, com trilhas pretas sobre a regi ASIO sertida e parties de cobre expostas nas trilhas a serem removidas da catalunga development
Se realizar a corros ASIO does the tiulizando uma solução de cobre cloreto de iron.
Material of \"neccesários alguns minutos ate a corros Domo completa ø.
Verifique periodicamente\'s Catalunya, fim de verificar todo ø material ja foi removido itself.
There is no material for meu caso, cerca de 5 minutos foram suficientes.
Corente sobre a Catalunya (quite ser aplicado pouco um á gua Hotel (
Sem fric ção aplicar a tinta No. nao seja removida mecanicamente)
The melhor visualização does the restado.
The solution for Tamm pode se Rio ethía Dika kumika.
After the corrosion is completed, the residual mask should be removed.
It can be removed with brush and tap water.
Sandpaper can also be used to remove the material completely, faster, and the surface can leave a polished surface.
At the end of the process, the board should contain only the copper track required for circuit operation.
Drilling board (
For locating components)
, Weld everything and you will make your first printed circuit using a laser engraver!
As you can see from the photos, it is recommended to cut the circuit board into a suitable size before starting the manufacturing.
The photos were my first Test so I didn\'t mind before!
: P.
Sir feta com uma escova Agua Corente.
Tamb. M. pode ser utilizada uma lixa. Remoc. o. mais r. P. o.
Orfenlamarca did the process, which was done by Catalunya dever á conta apenas trilhas de cobre neccesá rias circuito di ø funcionamento.
Complete a place (
Dos posicionento component segment)
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As a fotos forum, do meu primeiro testicles, nao atentando acabei love to enjoy problema.
: PThanks read my tutorial and watched the video.
I hope you like them and they will be useful to some extent!
Don\'t forget to love this project and share it with your friends.
Your support is important!
: Please check out other projects if you still don\'t follow my tutorial.
Hope you like it!
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: D. A. B. o. meu tutorial e. ver. meus v. Deos.
Ace Perot in Kui in Teng. In Goss tower more in Dresden in Kui in Teng more in Al Cooma in!
Nice Seksa Island in Amigos Island.
What\'s important!
: DSe voce ainda nao segue OS meus tutoriais, and Chen Jianbo is in favor of d ê uma olhada neusses projetos outros.
Se voce curtiu aixi song finale dos meus tutoriais e Qu er Conteúdo version mais de rob ótica, Arduino\'s euro Internet das coisas, consdere Villar OS meus projetos futuros com uma pequena doa ção!
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