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How to keep PCB film

by:A-TECH      2021-04-05
How to keep PCB film 2020-08-14 17:03:00 As the precision requirements of circuit boards are getting higher and higher, the density is getting higher and higher, the dimensional stability of PCB film is particularly important. If the PCB film film is slightly deformed, it may cause dislocation and chipping during production. Next, let the editor take you to understand PCB film and storage methods! 1. Reasons affecting PCB film deformation Environmental temperature and relative humidity are the two main factors that affect film size changes. Most of the changes in film size deviation are determined by environmental temperature and relative humidity. The deviation of the total deviation affected by the ambient temperature and relative humidity is proportional to the size of the film. The larger the size, the greater the deviation. 2. How to keep PCB film 1. By controlling the ambient temperature and relative humidity, it can control the deformation of the film. Ensuring the stability of the ambient temperature and relative humidity ensures the stability of the film size to a large extent. For example, thick film (0.175mm~0.25mm) is less sensitive to environmental changes than thin film (0.1mm); 2. In addition, the storage and transportation of film has a very large impact on the size of film negatives; 3. Unopened original film negatives should be stored and transported under the conditions of 50% relative humidity and 20 degrees Celsius. 4. Before using the film, open the airtight seal, remove the inner packaging, and keep it in contact with the ambient temperature for a period of time. 5. After the film is drawn and punched, it should also be wrapped in special film paper and placed in a dry special-sized plastic bag for storage and transportation as soon as possible. It is absolutely forbidden to put the film directly in a high temperature and humid environment, and it is not allowed to bend, fold and stretch the film and other destructive operations. In summary, we can know that the storage of PCB film can only ensure the dimensional stability of the film if there is a good environment during transportation, production, storage and use, and the changes in temperature and humidity are reduced. How is it, did you learn some little knowledge? Continue to pay attention to the editor, I will take you to travel in the ocean of PCB knowledge!
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