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by:A-TECH      2020-08-17

If the operator doesn’t place the coupon exactly in the middle of the X-ray beam, parallax distortion will trigger a shift of the layers relative to one another within the picture. Any judgments made on such distorted images shall be misleading, at best.

At worst, parallax distortion can make a great board look bad, or masks the mis-registration in a foul board. Historically, multi-layer PCB fabricators have attacked the registration downside from several instructions and achieved success in varying degrees. During the lamination press cycle, the layers shift and stretch – often dramatically.

Some coupon schemes can be found which use electrical continuity exams to detect mis-registration. Over- or underneath-etching of the layers, drill wander, and plating course of errors accumulate and degrade the accuracy of those checks.

100 or extra points are instantly acquired at the edges of a coupon dot. For these spherical options, the system can report the feature’s heart position instantaneously. Over-or under-etch circumstances on the layers do not affect the accuracy of the measurement, as a result of the dot’s measurement does not affect its center place. The system offers reporting of every core’s place and scale compared with nominal CAM knowledge.

Several schemes make use of X-ray viewing and particular artwork geometry as a method of verifying layer and drill pattern registration. After lamination and drilling, the panels are inspected with an X-ray viewing system. Usually fast subjective judgments are made as to the acceptability of the board. With at present’s tolerances, this verification method puts a strain on the judgment of the operator.

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