PCB Fabrication


by:A-TECH      2020-10-13

Leave them covered until you're prepared to cut and expose them. This video exhibits my technique for lining up both high and bottom printed sides of the acetate right into a hinged model to simply make two sided PCBs. This video exhibits my technique for layering two laser printed copies of acetate to supply a darker one. Here is the method that I use to layer two transparencies to produce one darker one. The purpose that I print out two copies of each layer is in order that they are often stacked on top of one another to produce completely opaque black areas.

This lends itself tó the immersion and spráy coating processes. Right now an electrographic film (é.g. Palladium) is definitely electroplated to the wall construction of the drill cavity.

this permits for galvanisation with copper that happens at a afterward stage. By using CNC drill gadgets the by way of-gap pIated and part drills aré created. In this course of, spindle speeds as excessive as a hundred,000 revolutions each minute recorded. Rubber bands used to hold the glass tightly in opposition to the acetate and PCB . The light rays are there to indicate that each side of the PCB could be exposed .

The subsequent step in the transparency tune-up is to fix any holes within the black areas with a felt tip pen like a Sharpie. I begin by printing out two copies of both the highest layer and bottom layer. The purpose that I print out two copies is as a result of the entire laser printers that I tested the black isn't utterly black on the transparencies, which allows a little bit of UV light through.

This makes the development and etching harder and less precise. Printing out the PCB file on paper allows me to check the match of the parts and test to make sure the printer has not changed scale of the drawing. With a paper copy, I can take the via holes components and push them though the paper to test the location.

Using a file, remove the bent fringe of copper that the scoring produced. Removing this edge will ensure that the PCB lays utterly flat in opposition to the transparencies, producing a greater PCB. Using a ruler, rating the board with a sharp utility knife. Presensitized PCB are shipped in mild proof envelopes with a layer of peel-able protective film.

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