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Briefly explain the advantages and disadvantages of various PCB surface coatings

by:A-TECH      2021-03-19
PCB surface coating is very important. Because it is important, many people are very careful when choosing. The following six points are the advantages and disadvantages that everyone should know the most. I hope everyone will pay attention to these six points when doing coatings for better s Choice. a. Gold-plated plate (ElectrolyticNi/Au): This kind of coating is the most stable, but the price is the highest. b. Immersion silver board (ImmersionAg) performance is not as good as gold-plated coating, it is prone to electromigration and lead to leakage. c. Electroless Nickel? Immersion Au (ENIG), when the immersion gold process is unstable, it is easy to produce black disk. d. ElectrolessTin, lead-free immersion tin is not yet fully mature. e. Hot air screed (Sn/Ag/CuHASL), the production process of this coating is not yet fully mature. f. Organic Solderability Preservations (OSP, OrganicSolderabilityPreservations), this kind of coating is the cheapest, but the performance is the worst. When using an OSP board, pay attention to the storage time of the board between reflow and between reflow and wave soldering, because the protective film on the board pad is damaged after high temperature heating, and the solderability will be greatly reduced
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