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Basic knowledge of welding circuit board processing

by:A-TECH      2020-05-29
From the mechanical point of view, different liquid and solid with different bonding strength and cohesion. If the adhesion force is greater than the cohesion, the diffusion flow, namely, wetting, if the cohesion is greater than the adhesion force, the liquid in the bead form of the solid surface rolling, which is not wet. Then, you can through the shape of the liquid and solid contact whether both moist. Rich and electrons from the edge of the liquid and solid contact along the liquid surface tangent and the tangent between inside the liquid and solid surface form an Angle. If is the acute Angle, wetting, if it is an obtuse Angle, said no wetting. In addition to master the basic knowledge of circuit board processing and welding process of welding, also should pay special attention to the following points. 1) don't use a knife to scrape gold-plated circuit pin, only need to use alcohol to swab or cleaning with rubber. (2) before welding in CMOS circuit, please do not dismantle preset short circuit cable. (3) welding time as short as possible, usually no more than 3 seconds. The soldering iron is a 230 ° C (4) use the soldering iron. (5) a table should be anti-static. 6. Use the tip of the fine, to make it not contact with the adjacent endpoints during welding. The safety of the 7 pin pin welding sequence for the grounding clip - Output folder - Power clamp - Input clip SMT plug-in processing description inserted into the processing for the surface of the pin relatively high density installation components, welding similar steps, the first welding pin, then tin welding for the rest of the pin. If the pin number is tight, the pin to pin the alignment is the key factor. Dense bolt with a heat gun to dismantle. Use tweezers clamp, use heat gun all pin back, and take out the components in the melt pin.
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